Visibly ethnic people and people of color
This will make a very big difference for many of us who have diverse constituencies/clientele. It will also brought in the market for Doodly.

Hank Rubin shared this idea 18/10/18 22:05
Nandi Ali 19/11/18 17:43 flag comment
I agree. I couldn't believe no other groups were represented.
Darryl Farmer 24/11/18 06:04 flag comment
This is an obvious hole - and opportunity!
Darcy Richards 28/11/18 20:50 flag comment
Yes Please!! Also people of different body types. To show what is typical you need people of all races and body types.
Premila Borchardt 28/11/18 21:50 flag comment
This is the first thing I looked for. I would like to see more diversity in everything....race and body styles.
Sharee Cammon 30/11/18 01:08 flag comment
This is super important. We need to be able to tell stories for all people. I really appreciate the different ethnicities of the drawing arm. I super appreciate that the Black or African American arm isn't 'Ashy' or poorly shown. I'd like to add on to this request that when representing other ethnicities and body types, please add business/professional attire to them as well. Right now, the only A.A. characters represented are shown in casual or sports like attire (woman has her mid-drift showing).
Stephanie Gonzales 02/12/18 03:47 flag comment
Absolutely necessary. Please, please make this a priority. My customers are from a variety of backgrounds, races, ages and physical abilities.
Diane Reece 02/12/18 03:57 flag comment
Yes and can we add different body shapes as well. Or does this need to be considered as a different request?
Dawn Wolthuis 02/12/18 04:24 flag comment
Also agree with others re diversity of body types. The attractive women all seem to have hourglass figures and only a comical old lady seems older than 40. An attractive, professional mom/grandma over 40 with a perhaps too-common apple shape (or straighter than hourglass) would be useful. One set each of a typical, middle-aged woman from African, Asian, Hispanic, and European descent, perhaps? I know that is asking a lot as I also like having lots of settings and positions for each person.
Misty S. Boyer 02/12/18 04:27 flag comment
Visibly ethnic characters as a part of the base package, so that as many users as possible can hit the ground running.
Jonathan Ballinger 02/12/18 12:01 flag comment
The lack of this was a real oversight. Hopefully it'll be rectified, and not as a $500 booster...
Kelley Briceno 02/12/18 12:32 flag comment
Not sure if this should be a new request or a comment on this request, so I’ll put it both places. Kind of like the emoji on an iPhone—(perhaps Android too), when you choose an emoji, there’s a sub-selection of options. For Doodly as it functions now, that obviously doesn’t include color options, but if I choose a character, I’d be presented with more options. For example, Jane could be as she is now, but also be available with different hair types or body shapes.
Mary Ellen Myhr 03/12/18 03:44 flag comment
As I do international business with people globally, I need European, African, and Asian men and women in professional attire, ideally in their 40s. I have the enterprise plan but find it's still limited.
Diana Cole 03/12/18 19:43 flag comment
And more female characters...who are active, not merely passive poses/characters.
Andrea G Tenner 10/12/18 23:46 flag comment
Definitely agree. Please get these out soon!
Richard Cronin 11/12/18 20:07 flag comment
Please include Polynesian and Melanesian people (Pacific) in your development, Cheers
Shannon Baker 11/12/18 23:17 flag comment
I would love this so much, as my clients come from all backgrounds and I want them to feel included. Thank you!
Heather 12/12/18 01:31 flag comment
Yes. And, as others have said, people of different body types, and possibly also some people with disabilities.
Craig J. Brain 14/12/18 06:24 flag comment
That would be terrific. I work in Government and that would be such a useful inclusion.
Marlon Redley-Smith 28/12/18 03:35 flag comment
The lack of diversity is a huge deficit and is enough to make us want to get a refund for the application.
Janina Tubby 09/01/19 12:45 flag comment
This is so important. The lack of diversity makes me embarrassed to recommend this otherwise excellent tool to others. More diversity, with the black/Asian characters in regular and business dress too. More body types and characters with disabilities pls! And more children too please. And please can the female teachers not always be slim, attractive and holding a pointer! :-)
Bruce Schaefers 18/01/19 06:41 flag comment
i will love to see more also
Tunde 18/01/19 10:23 flag comment
The simple reason I bought this software is to be able to make animations that appeal and relate to my local environment; to be able to demonstrate realism and originality. These were the first searches I made. Very disappointing that the African ethnic ground is not satisfactorily represented.
Marcus Farmer 19/01/19 15:22 flag comment
Andreas Sauerwein 20/01/19 11:28 flag comment
I agree! In our international world absolutely required!
Jeff Shyne 25/01/19 13:44 flag comment
Necessary and a requirement
Tim Whaley 28/01/19 05:04 flag comment
Ellen Fitzenrider 31/01/19 14:53 flag comment
Hello: I would also like to request this, specifically for children. There are several ethnicities in adults (can always use more), there are very few options for children.
GILBERT 08/02/19 00:19 flag comment
I love Doodly, it was a great idea. I use it for my Church, as a African American Pastor I was looking for other people groups and body types. I will also love to see more religious character , church building. We use it for announcement for the Church.
Christopher Woon-Chen 14/02/19 15:22 flag comment
yes please, that would be great for my audiences
a0980935343 14/02/19 21:22 flag comment
rick_dimeglio 19/02/19 22:21 flag comment
I also support more diversity
Michael Adelson 21/03/19 13:14 flag comment
Totally agree being an inner city teacher and wanting to use this for lessons in school how to do activites.
Lovnee Swayambhu Pattanaik 22/03/19 15:43 flag comment
I would like to have it for sure.
Zahid Moghal 26/03/19 20:59 flag comment
Do not forget to add some south Asian characters please. South Asian characters will represent countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc.
Richard Berry 30/03/19 06:58 flag comment
Excited to see this started! Any ETA?
Frances Toler 12/04/19 13:17 flag comment
This comment thread has been active for 5 months - any progress Doodly? In the Doodly marketplace, I could find one African American woman, but she didn't have a shirt on! Just something like an exercise bra! For my purposes I do want my characters dressed appropriately. I want to emphasize the need for "real" looking people, not hyper-masculine or feminine please, no giant doey eyes on the females or bizarre body shapes. Just a nice collection of folks across the spectrum of humanity
Peter 25/04/19 16:13 flag comment
Strongly Support - Can't effectively utilize the product without more diversity of characters Progress??
Melissa R Halvorsen 05/06/19 23:00 flag comment
Along with the added diversity, add searchable tags so we can actually find the content we are looking for.
Bernadette 26/07/19 18:32 flag comment
Also, it would be nice to have ethnicities that are not so "stereotyped". For example, does an Asian woman have to be in a Kimono? (Although I just tried to find Asian and Black (I didn't even put in woman or female) and neither returned anything to me. Also, it would be nice that when a character is on the board, that it would be possible to widen or narrow them. Right now, they remain proportionate and only shrink or enlarge.
Meredith Parsons 23/08/19 15:44 flag comment
Yes! I'd also like to add people of various ages, especially middle-aged and elderly people. The options now are slim, predominantly white, and drawn as caricatures (Philip & Mary) that don't easily match to the styles of other characters. A lot of characters could pass for multiple ages or race/ethinicities if users could adjust to color of their hair, eyes, and skin.
Reed Brown 09/09/19 19:23 flag comment
also, more professional female characters...