Visibly ethnic people and people of color
This will make a very big difference for many of us who have diverse constituencies/clientele. It will also brought in the market for Doodly.

Hank Rubin shared this idea 18/10/18 22:05
Sharee Cammon 30/11/18 01:08
This is super important. We need to be able to tell stories for all people. I really appreciate the different ethnicities of the drawing arm. I super appreciate that the Black or African American arm isn't 'Ashy' or poorly shown. I'd like to add on to this request that when representing other ethnicities and body types, please add business/professional attire to them as well. Right now, the only A.A. characters represented are shown in casual or sports like attire (woman has her mid-drift showing).
Stephanie Gonzales 02/12/18 03:47
Absolutely necessary. Please, please make this a priority. My customers are from a variety of backgrounds, races, ages and physical abilities.
Diane Reece 02/12/18 03:57
Yes and can we add different body shapes as well. Or does this need to be considered as a different request?
Dawn Wolthuis 02/12/18 04:24
Also agree with others re diversity of body types. The attractive women all seem to have hourglass figures and only a comical old lady seems older than 40. An attractive, professional mom/grandma over 40 with a perhaps too-common apple shape (or straighter than hourglass) would be useful. One set each of a typical, middle-aged woman from African, Asian, Hispanic, and European descent, perhaps? I know that is asking a lot as I also like having lots of settings and positions for each person.
Misty S. Boyer 02/12/18 04:27
Visibly ethnic characters as a part of the base package, so that as many users as possible can hit the ground running.
Jonathan Ballinger 02/12/18 12:01
The lack of this was a real oversight. Hopefully it'll be rectified, and not as a $500 booster...
Kelley Briceno 02/12/18 12:32
Not sure if this should be a new request or a comment on this request, so I’ll put it both places. Kind of like the emoji on an iPhone—(perhaps Android too), when you choose an emoji, there’s a sub-selection of options. For Doodly as it functions now, that obviously doesn’t include color options, but if I choose a character, I’d be presented with more options. For example, Jane could be as she is now, but also be available with different hair types or body shapes.
Mary Ellen Myhr 03/12/18 03:44
As I do international business with people globally, I need European, African, and Asian men and women in professional attire, ideally in their 40s. I have the enterprise plan but find it's still limited.
Diana Cole 03/12/18 19:43
And more female characters...who are active, not merely passive poses/characters.
Andrea G Tenner 10/12/18 23:46
Definitely agree. Please get these out soon!
Richard Cronin 11/12/18 20:07
Please include Polynesian and Melanesian people (Pacific) in your development, Cheers
Shannon Baker 11/12/18 23:17
I would love this so much, as my clients come from all backgrounds and I want them to feel included. Thank you!
Heather 12/12/18 01:31
Yes. And, as others have said, people of different body types, and possibly also some people with disabilities.
Craig J. Brain 14/12/18 06:24
That would be terrific. I work in Government and that would be such a useful inclusion.
Marlon Redley-Smith 28/12/18 03:35
The lack of diversity is a huge deficit and is enough to make us want to get a refund for the application.
Janina Tubby 09/01/19 12:45
This is so important. The lack of diversity makes me embarrassed to recommend this otherwise excellent tool to others. More diversity, with the black/Asian characters in regular and business dress too. More body types and characters with disabilities pls! And more children too please. And please can the female teachers not always be slim, attractive and holding a pointer! :-)
Bruce Schaefers 18/01/19 06:41
i will love to see more also
Tunde 18/01/19 10:23
The simple reason I bought this software is to be able to make animations that appeal and relate to my local environment; to be able to demonstrate realism and originality. These were the first searches I made. Very disappointing that the African ethnic ground is not satisfactorily represented.
Marcus Farmer 19/01/19 15:22
Andreas Sauerwein 20/01/19 11:28
I agree! In our international world absolutely required!
Jeff Shyne 25/01/19 13:44
Necessary and a requirement
Tim Whaley 28/01/19 05:04
Ellen Fitzenrider 31/01/19 14:53
Hello: I would also like to request this, specifically for children. There are several ethnicities in adults (can always use more), there are very few options for children.
Gudrun Johannsdottir 06/02/19 00:00
Gudrun Johannsdottir 06/02/19 00:00
Gudrun Johannsdottir 06/02/19 00:00
GILBERT 08/02/19 00:19
I love Doodly, it was a great idea. I use it for my Church, as a African American Pastor I was looking for other people groups and body types. I will also love to see more religious character , church building. We use it for announcement for the Church.
Christopher Woon-Chen 14/02/19 15:22
yes please, that would be great for my audiences
a0980935343 14/02/19 21:22
rick_dimeglio 19/02/19 22:21
I also support more diversity
Michael Adelson 21/03/19 13:14
Totally agree being an inner city teacher and wanting to use this for lessons in school how to do activites.
Lovnee Swayambhu Pattanaik 22/03/19 15:43
I would like to have it for sure.
Zahid Moghal 26/03/19 20:59
Do not forget to add some south Asian characters please. South Asian characters will represent countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc.
Richard Berry 30/03/19 06:58
Excited to see this started! Any ETA?
Frances Toler 12/04/19 13:17
This comment thread has been active for 5 months - any progress Doodly? In the Doodly marketplace, I could find one African American woman, but she didn't have a shirt on! Just something like an exercise bra! For my purposes I do want my characters dressed appropriately. I want to emphasize the need for "real" looking people, not hyper-masculine or feminine please, no giant doey eyes on the females or bizarre body shapes. Just a nice collection of folks across the spectrum of humanity
Peter 25/04/19 16:13
Strongly Support - Can't effectively utilize the product without more diversity of characters Progress??
Melissa R Halvorsen 05/06/19 23:00
Along with the added diversity, add searchable tags so we can actually find the content we are looking for.
Bernadette 26/07/19 18:32
Also, it would be nice to have ethnicities that are not so "stereotyped". For example, does an Asian woman have to be in a Kimono? (Although I just tried to find Asian and Black (I didn't even put in woman or female) and neither returned anything to me. Also, it would be nice that when a character is on the board, that it would be possible to widen or narrow them. Right now, they remain proportionate and only shrink or enlarge.
Meredith Parsons 23/08/19 15:44
Yes! I'd also like to add people of various ages, especially middle-aged and elderly people. The options now are slim, predominantly white, and drawn as caricatures (Philip & Mary) that don't easily match to the styles of other characters. A lot of characters could pass for multiple ages or race/ethinicities if users could adjust to color of their hair, eyes, and skin.
Reed Brown 09/09/19 19:23
also, more professional female characters...
Vicki Holmes 19/09/19 13:42
Please use the same business, at school, every day normal activities. Don’t fall into the trap of making it ghetto or stereotypical. We want black, Hispanic, and Asian business looking people — not sports, party, and hoodlum (sweats,) or hoochie-mama (tight clothes) people!!
Rabbi Cookie Lea Olshein 01/10/19 14:17
Anything visibly Jewish would be helpful to me. :)
RANDALL THORPE 02/10/19 11:44
Mak Wilson 10/10/19 14:05
Charles FRANCOIS 13/10/19 01:26
When would it be possible to have Black or Asian caracters correctly represent ( in business situation for exemple) ? Please Doodly, could you give us a dead line ?
Kayleen Holt 05/11/19 15:45
It is way past time for Doodly to honor this request!
Annaliese Perry 10/11/19 18:39
Why haven't they done this yet???
Keith Grant 22/11/19 22:16
This was open a year ago. What is the status of this. I purchased this today with the expectation that there WERE diverse characters, but didn't see any strong representation. I may request a refund if there is not a response soon.
Renee N Boddie 02/12/19 19:27
Yes we need more diverse characters-Doodly literally just put out over 30 new bundles last week and of them I think I found 2 characters that looked african american. That is not acceptable! This request has been out for over a year now and still nothing. My guess is that they don't care because if they did and if they valued diversity they would have included more diverse characters in their new bundles. I'm sure they had a chance to and they decided it wasn't important enough. It's shameful that this has been ignored for this long. We should all stop asking-they obviously just want our money but not our honest opinion.
Max Williams 07/12/19 20:27
I was on the verge of investing in this technology until learning about the lack of diverse characters, in this thread. It has motivated me to continue my search for a program that accurately reflects the population and many of the people I do business with on a daily basis. It appears that plenty of customers have been requesting this, for quite some time, to no avail.
Lourdes Santaballa 09/12/19 17:14
So this idea was started more than a year ago and still NOTHING?????? You lied to me when you said you did not wish to offend me and offered me this link to send ideas because you've had the information for 14 months (if not more). I PROMISE you that I will not invest in any bundles or characters.
[email protected] 25/12/19 06:15
I only just bought Doodly, and love it. Yet this is the most important thing missing - having to scroll through hundreds of characters, in many poses, trying to find an ethnic match is painful and not very reliable with the range given. As a business owner who has a need to appeal to a diverse audience, getting a better ethnicity feature is top of my list.
khulood Allafi 31/12/19 17:12
Jerry Smith 11/01/20 15:37
This function is, of course, something that each person can do by developing or searching and importing royalty free clipart that depicts diverse people. I think It's an important idea...but it certainly means a lot of work for the Doodly artist ! AND until you get the metadata tags onto the characters people can only search by name.... "White woman - size XXL?" "Skinny Black chick? " Naming might be tough... in fact tagging might be challenging. (i'd recommend using the standard CMS ethnicity or race standards.) And for body types... Thin,/Medium/ Wide? Short/ Medium/ tall? Apple/Pear/rectangular/hourglass/triangle shaped?
REBA GOLDEN 27/02/20 13:34
I like it
Rebecca Jones 16/03/20 22:03
To make it easier for the artists, can they please make stick people? This would be so valuable - since they are not gender specific and can represent any body type, culture, or race. Thanks. I can't use any of the figures available now. Too specific and not inclusive.
Patti Laqua 22/02/21 20:35
Please include people of different body types -especially overweight people!
David Gray 24/03/20 02:12
I really need to be able to make characters that look like me. It allows me to tell stories. I record my own voice and it can be very effective but would be great is I could use African American looking characters.
Marie-Josée Delisle 25/03/20 00:02
I agree. It's a must to be able to design inclusive videos that reprensent people from different origins and body types. When will this feature be available?
Nate Walker 31/03/20 01:17
Diverse ethnic, racial, and religious groups are essential to our work. We look forward to additional updates. Thank you.
MAANAFLOR CIOCSON 03/04/20 11:08
Kindly consider Middle Eastern and Asian ethnic characters. Thanks a lot.
Jeremy 05/04/20 15:27
And... 18 months later, support for non-white figures is still horrible. The highest quality figures from a drawing/animation perspective are white. I'm starting to wonder... is the Doodly staff just racist? I can't think of another good reason why this task couldn't have been added to the development timeline and completed in 18 months...
Ginny Sealey 11/04/20 14:59
I work at a University in the Middle East - male characters in a thobe/dishdasha wearing the ghuttra/headress , and female characters wearing the hijab and modest dress would be so useful.
Annquenetta 13/04/20 20:03
I purchased the program and was over-the-top excited. However, that excitment was quickly quelled when I downloaded the program and realized there were no People of Color included. This was/is most disheartening. Although I was fully refunded, I didn't want the money back, I wanted their program to be All-Inclusive. If they work this out, I'll purchase the program again.
Jane Wagner 25/04/20 17:39
Mark Fetherstonhaugh 26/04/20 01:20
Why is this still not included after all this time. Posts below from 2018 and we still don't have it? Maybe if as much effort was put into this as is put into spamming us with upsell messages to spend more money we'd already have it
Anja Neuber 27/04/20 09:48
I just purchased doodly and for me it is of no use at all because of this reason. I am a diversity management trainer and was hoping to find images of people in different body shapes, of different ages and with different cultural and ethnic backrounds and gender identities. unfortunately there are only white, healthy , young people with typical gender performance and mostly in business clothing. cannot use this software for what I do. Waste of money
l meaning 28/04/20 09:18
l meaning 28/04/20 09:19
It is necessary
Mavis Poole 30/04/20 06:39
Wow. So, this thread was started in 2018, and STILL not much has been done? Wow. Very unfortunate. I'll be getting my money back and investing it in a company where diversity is actually a thing. Smh.
Code Matters 02/05/20 05:43
Yes! I agree. This is the prima
Code Matters 02/05/20 05:44
Juliana 05/05/20 18:20
Extremely disappointed to see that this thread was begun so long ago and that as of now this is still completely neglected. I would like to see Brad send an email explaining what action is planned in this regard. Getting ideas about how I can spend more money on Doodly related products is offensive when the basic materials available completely ignore the reality that the world is not populated only by one ethnicity. Argh. Brad . . . email coming soon, right? Thanks.
Cheryl Lott 05/05/20 20:36
Seriously!? This lack of ethnicity is a problem. I can't believe people have been asking for this for a year and a half and....almost nothing!
Lorraine Martinez Hanley 18/05/20 15:58
Absolutely! I am just purchased this for Diversity work. If this is an option that is not available, I will need to cancel my subscription. I hope I do not have to do that. Thanks in advance.
sk Sabuj 18/05/20 22:48
Lewis Palmer 22/05/20 21:04
It's been a while since this was requested. I am a person of color who recently purchased the product. There is very little female diversity represented in the out of the box characters. What is the average turn around time for features to be added? Was this a deliberate oversight?
frank 23/05/20 16:23
frank 23/05/20 16:23
Tonya Burge 23/05/20 17:14
Please add a choice of at least 3 different shades for African Americans (light, medium, and dark complexion). It would also be helpful if professional female hands would be included as well with neutral nail polish color or french manicure. Thank you.
Vishu Kamble 26/05/20 08:40
Is this going to happen? I was looking for some indian characters.
Mark Palmos 09/06/20 09:31
Yes, I typed "African" and I got a bunch of very casually dressed people... That is a bit of a racist stereotype really. I am from South Africa, and there are as many black, well dressed people as white, if not more... it jarred with me to see "Africans" depicted this way.
Candace Miles 12/06/20 11:44
I am an African American teacher and I would for sure like to see someone like me. Not all black people have big noses and an afro. I do however sometimes wear braids. That would be nice.
Abdalla Elhassan 14/06/20 01:42
It will be better.
Maureen O'Donoghue 16/06/20 08:34
I teach in inner London and I would like to be able to represent people as diverse as the students I teach.
Karen Saywood 16/06/20 15:00
Really don't like the 'women' figures. They are such awful stereotypes and rather insulting
Dorothy Nachman 18/06/20 01:09
I teach at an HBCU and would like to use doodly to aid in my teaching with students. But the standard package + the color addon has a shameful selection of BIPOC options. There is no way I can rely on this as a teaching tool or recommend it to colleagues with such poor representation of non-white individuals. To see that this was brought to your attention 18 months ago leaves no other assumption than Doodly doesn't care about inclusion. I am disappointed with my purchase for this reason alone.
Jean Gaes 18/06/20 21:53
Great idea- also more positive depictions of older people- not slumped and hunched over
Danielle Bellows 19/06/20 13:44
Please make this a priority. I use Doodly for education and it will be much less useful to me without images of diverse populations, abilities, and ages. Would love to see children, people with different mobility and/or communication ability, diverse ethnicity, body types. Women in non-stereotypical professional roles. Much less useful with the current library of images.
Rose Roberts 23/06/20 09:47
Hi, I purchased Doodly to support cultural presentations. Not a good choice on my part but now that I have paid and subscribed, I can only wait and hope. There is a lot of accusations about white privilege and racism going on at the moment, I have to say that the lack of diversity with Doodly is a huge disappointment.
Julie C 24/06/20 20:38
Adding my disappointment on the standard hetero-normative and racially/ethnically stereotypical charters - and the lack of happy disabled people. We do exist!!! Strange, there is no lack of characters holding bibles. What is with that? It was rather breathtaking that any new software company would overlook such a gaping lack of representation. Also, almost all the characters with disabilities are visibly sad. As a female academic with (gasp) short hair and a disability that means I can't wear heals, I am truly saddened that I'm going to have to work much harder to make my videos inclusive. There are no androgynous characters, few women wearing anything other than "business sexy", and almost no body type diversity. You've got a lot of work to do here.
Marcella M Burns 03/07/20 17:19
I agree 100%
Kathleen Ann Czerpak 23/07/20 19:56
Please and thank you!
Theresa Quitto-Dickerson 21/07/20 10:15
It would also be great to be able to change the color hues of the people that are already added as well. Very disappointed this is something that has to be requested right out the gate. I was very excited about this program, it is a bit of a let down to have to request something so basic. I would like to echo a previous request, let us select the hues like on the cell phones these days.
Eva-Carin Banka Johnson 21/07/20 15:51
I am so disapointed. Started to learn how to create a video and there are no diversity at all available! It is impossible for me to show something which is so not reflecting my target group.... How is it possible 2020 to even offer such a product? I should have been more alert before buying. Please add more diversity asap. In what bubbel do the owners of this company live?
Cerita Ethridge 28/07/20 01:49
Is there any way that more African Americans can be added to the Enterprise? I am willing to exchange the people in the standard for an additional.
Christina Torres Garcia 03/08/20 19:10
Yes, please. I have been waiting for a Latina Character. Could we also make our own avatar?
Jenny Bray 18/08/20 21:31
Just extraordinary that this has not been addressed. This issue was raised 2 years ago and it's still not done. Developers should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves.
Akindeji Hill 20/08/20 05:27
I'm making educational videos for a mostly ethnic population.
Gil green 25/08/20 07:02
In this era of both Diversity and Inclusion, our small affordable luxury service business has clients of many ethnic/ cultural backgrounds. The lack of people of Color represented in the same upscale and professional style of attire as White figures would limit the usefulness of this application. Intended use Marketing projects for USA based major travel related company. Imagine seeing your application used in promos for major hotel chain or airline. In 2020 lack of broad multi cultural / multi ethnic representation or culturally insensitive or culturally bias images would limit this product continued use.
David J Mitchell 26/08/20 14:59
Please add this to the education bundle. I purchased Doodly to use for the elementary school where I work. Our student population is made up of approximately 80% black / Hispanic. I'm glad to hear that you have started on this and I look forward to seeing it completed.
nada 27/08/20 19:13
Sally Underwood 02/09/20 14:46
Couldn't agree more. The figures are embarrassing -stereotyped and awful. Would never make this purchase again or recommend it to anyone, because of this. The visuals look like bad drawings from the 70's.
KAMAL WEBB 09/09/20 14:21
I am very happy to see this underway. Recently, I viewed the character packs with an intent to purchase. I need African American characters in various poses. I was dismayed at the lack thereof. As Toonly carries ethnic diverse characters by default, I was sure that Doodly would have developed their addon packs to do the same... I am anxious to see how this develops.
Joanna Hinrichs 17/09/20 15:36
Definitely need more variety and age differences as well.
Thaís Cunha Martini 22/09/20 00:51
Please, it's urgent!
Katie Macdonald 14/09/20 10:00
And the lesbians as well! I have short hair and glasses and there simply isnt a funky character that represents me!
Joycelyn Landrum-Brown 27/09/20 23:40
At the very least allow us to color the skin tone for the preexisting characters. Got smart and didn't purchase the rainbow add-in or additional packages because of the lack of diverse representations I mentioned this in a review and got a reply of all the names of the diverse images, however, the names are less important than the visual representations. Had I realized this I would not have purchased even the one time only purchase.
Teresa A. Gibbons 29/09/20 09:58
This would be great for making videos for my students!
Mark Fetherstonhaugh 01/10/20 03:11
JUST 18 DAYS TO GO!!! Then we can have a big two year birthday party to celebrate how Doodly STILL haven't addressed this in any meaningful way. SHAME ON YOU! If it were possible I would be asking for my money back as this software is still of no use to me. MAYBE WE SHOULD ALL START POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA ABOUT THIS ......
Frederick McShaw 11/10/20 07:05
Vital in this day
Charles E. Ray 21/10/20 16:30
I agree--this would be awesome!
[email protected] 22/10/20 02:35
I love it.
Sarah 24/10/20 20:02
And NOT in a skirt or dress please, we don't all dress like we're off to church.
Johnathan Worden 28/10/20 17:27
this was my first attempt at making a video and I needed diversity - It was very skinny white girl oriented or people that were 111 years old. Need the range in between and certainly the ethnicities represented...Its such a great tool - I love it and will continue to use, but I do need the characters to use! Thanks!
Daniel P Connors 04/11/20 00:52
Is this a joke that you still only represent white people? Correct this or you will lose subscribers.
Jevon Mc Alister 09/11/20 15:05
The Black Female Doctor images (ENU) need work. These images portray her as a Nurse and acting more as a cheerleader that an authoritative figure. (See: "Emu Doctor pointing" and "Emu Doctor Direction Arrow" and "Emu Nurse with Tablet". Having the Black female doctor take on better, more authoritative poses as the other ethnicities (See: "Janet Doctor" & " Nami Doctor") would be great as I cannot use any of the current images in my business.
Michele Walfred 13/11/20 15:42
I agree. I work for a federally funded land grant university and we produce information topics, educational topics, not everyone has straight hair pulled back in a ponytail. We need to communicate with a diverse population and so seeing other ethnicities besides white people would be helpful. Diverity all across the board, body types, hair, etc.
Mr Spencer 18/11/20 01:25
i sell Thai Buddhist Amulets online. And make Budddhist stories, as well as risk management videos about niche and unusual topics that have no assets in doodly at all .. as many companies, they think everyone is an American tech reviewer, a tutor, or a yoga teacher, and all the 500 million other professions dont have an option to explain well. They need to access images with vector paths (doodlable graphics) from a third party to afford to access more assets for users. The one time payment offer is basically a 'basic app with nothing but upgrade popups' and the full app is for only office people. I shall wait for the open source 10x better solution or tech to make this way of expressing oneself in video easier, and cheaper before i go for a windows 97 clipart animation app
Ariane Pratti 02/12/20 22:04
I loved it, coz I have a black client. More black hands would help: more female ones (formal suits) as well as black people with a suit sleeve. Asiatic hands too (more yellowish).
Namadev Magar 04/12/20 09:48
Yes and can we add different body shapes as well. Or does this need to be considered as a different request?
AdminSpyz 16/12/20 08:53
majdi jaber muger 06/01/21 16:14
مؤسسة مجدي للكمبيوتر
Judah L Illingworth 10/01/21 17:19
I was going to request this but since someone already has, I'll gladly add my votes! For my needs, I can get by with generic responses and gestures. THANK YOU!
Mohammad Rahman 19/01/21 10:13
Robert 22/01/21 04:12
Agreed please correct this asap.
Robert 22/01/21 04:12
Agreed please correct this asap.
Usama Hassan 30/01/21 16:09
Kal Hou 01/02/21 17:31
2 years has gone by and nothing done yet. Wow, Black History Month is upon us
Donna Hoffman 11/02/21 16:02
Austin, TX and the Texas Gulf Coast where I work and target much of my work is highly diverse. We are black, indigneous, latinx, chicano, south Asian, east Indian ie Caribbean - Trinidad, Vietnam is the second most spoken language in Texas. We aren't all cowboys and cowgirls or silicon valley relocators. We are from all over the world! Please reflect cultural diversity. Otherwise, I've just subscribed to white supremacy and I absolutely will need a refund. Thanks! Love y'all otherwise.
Maxine Ranger 13/02/21 04:22
I am a new subscriber and I feel like I have been mislead after seeing black characters in the promotional advts. only to find that they are actually non-existent. Why should this have been excluded in the first instance AND WHY IS TAKING DO LONG TO FIX????
Laurie 13/02/21 22:06
The two skin color choices are extreme (white and dark brown). A light brown color would be a perfect third choice. Thank you!
Shelley R Stephen 14/02/21 13:43
Definitely need more obviously diverse characters. Some of the 'diverse' characters still look Caucasian to me. Also, more facial expressions on the ethnic characters. Lots of smiling happy characters are there. I need more that are confused, sad, depressed, stressed, etc. It would be nice if we could stick a different head on the body - like Luis body at a desk matched with Luis used car salesman head for the smirk.
barbara daly 15/02/21 21:05
I'm still not finding diverse characters in Doodly. This absolutely limits whether or not I can use Doodly. A less exaggerated female frame would be nice too. But at the bare minimum we need more ethnic characters to make Doodly worth the purchase.
Brian Rost 03/03/21 18:01
I agree, as a teacher I need a diverse selection of characters and haircuts!!! Please
Richard Brown 09/03/21 12:16
I just submitted a separate general plea for more diversity all round. The problem is not only that the sw seems WASP-centric, there is little or no attention to other groups. The wedding pack (for instance) contains no reference whatsoever to gay or lesbian people. There is little awareness of disability.
Sara FIGAL 15/03/21 18:46
It is 2021, and this is still a major flaw. "American man" should not be immediately identifiable as a white professional type. It's very troubling, and limits the use of this otherwise phenomenal app.
Tom Stanley 17/03/21 14:59
This is critical. If I had know about the lack of diversity, I would not have purchased.
Shelley R Stephen 18/03/21 21:56
Desperately needed - not having this makes certain markets completely out of reach for the videos. And can be offensive to clients that are diverse themselves. Also, adding more diverse expressions would be helpful.
Amera Dunstan 28/03/21 01:39
i Agree
Kate 02/04/21 12:10
I see that other diversity requests have been closed as duplicates of this one - but actually they are not the same at all. Eg body shapes! I have Enterprise so heaps of characters, and I have found just two female characters that are not very lean. The first one I found was labelled Woman With Depression and the other one is Heavy Weight Woman - and she is pictured holding her stomach. There are some really big ethnicity assumptions. Eg 'American woman' and "American Man' are white skinned, and any other colour is given a different ethnicity, eg African. Very little diversity at all, across ages, abilities, professions, gender identity, relationships etc.
Sofiane Ait Mokhtar 27/04/21 13:49
100000% agree
Shaun Earl Harris 06/05/21 11:42
… I see that this may not be the place … I require persons of ethnicity. Can you please inform when this happens.
Laura Evans 04/06/21 17:09
It seems crazy to me that a diverse range of characters isn't included as a matter of course. I assumed there would be at least a few middle-eastern characters in a number of poses. Shocked and disappointed by the lack of variety, especially given that this thread is over 2 years old. Beginning to wonder if I chose the right programme...
Alfredo Soares de Barros 21/07/21 21:51
My client ask me exactly that: "...we need to represent all the diversity on this animation: white woman, black woman, old woman, indians, lgbtqia+, black man, etc. This characters is very straight and european or like american people..." I am from Brazil, and here is the place with more diversity in the world. It is very hard to find brazilian characters on Doodly.
Dina Daley 23/07/21 02:06
Yes, I agree!
Aaron 20/08/21 16:58
Please please provide a LOT more characters of color!!! I love the updates the site does but I’m disappointed that this issue still hasn’t been properly addressed, THREE YEARS after first requested.
John Jensen 28/08/21 23:35
I am trying to create a message for ethnically diverse people and all I can draw is white people. Is this 2021 or 1950?
Kerry Smith 03/09/21 11:02
great idea, I need this for my work in the Philippines
Manzi stewart 20/09/21 02:18
This can be great.
Thomas Young 10/10/21 15:46
We do global business. It almost makes Doodly useless to us if we do not have capability to select ethnicity.
April Pickett 20/10/21 18:37
I agree with this request. I am concerned that the assets included are not very diverse. In order to get people of color assets I am required to purchase additional packs. I think the standard pack should include more assets for professional people of color. For example, there are ample assets with professional poses for Amanda. There are on three poses, none are professional, of Enu available in the standard membership. Again, these assets should be a variety of professional posses of men, women, and poses of ethnic/people of color children.
John Jensen 09/01/22 20:09
It is 5 years later and I chose not to use the product for the reason mentioned. And I am a caucasian male.