Crop images and disproportional resizing
It would be great to have the ability to crop images and the ability to resize them without constraining proportions. This is especially helpful for images we import ourselves. For instance. I loaded a doodly computer image onto a scene. Then I want to put my website's home screen perfections on the computer. This would be much easier to do if I could crop my webpage image to perfectly fit within the computer screen.

AMBER shared this idea 27/12/18 14:02
AMBER 27/12/18 16:58
Joel Moran 15/01/19 21:28
Would this request cover the reducing of image files that are still bigger than the maximum file size allowed (1920x1080px 72ppi)? I am having difficulties reducing svg files I want to use for doodly with the paths. It would be nice if doodly can provide a built in file reducer to ease the asset import acceptance process.
Arnie Deltoff 17/01/19 18:12
This would also be very helpful with shapes. eg. rectangles to go behind text - reshape to appropriate size instead of keeping aspect ratio - stretch in either direction.
Richard Berry 30/03/19 07:03
Changing proportions would be helpful. For example, I'd like to take an arrow, and stretch it from the source to the destination, but not have it become thicker.
Keith Buys 02/04/19 19:39
I would appreciate non proportional resizing of objects. Many drawing programs do this by simply having you hold down the control key while dragging a resize corner or side tab. This would allow you to make a simple square into a rectangle, or a skinny character into one that is wider. Etc.
Doug Spicher 29/05/19 19:49
100% agree, Forcing an object upload at precise size instead of just being able to resize without maintaining original aspect ratio is time consuming and not user friendly. Really like the cropping idea also
Charles 07/08/19 12:19
This would be a key feature for me.
Sekar 01/09/19 01:02
yes, we need the scale change independent of x, y axis without proportion. If I want to resize the rectangle with same height, but different width or vice versa, it is not possible now. We need this feature added.
Marco Napoli 12/11/19 02:36
Extremely important feature. For example take a line and I would like to stretch it horizontally and not increase the height.
Phil Davies 01/04/20 16:38
Yes, Resize without constraining proportions - seems an essential feature found in every other vector presentation/drawing tool I've used - would be great for speech bubbles or indeed any item that's going to contain other ( especially borders , oblongs, ellipses etc.) The very first thing I tried to do with the Doodly was add a speech bubble then stretch it to contain a longish bit of text only to see it balloon vertically as well as the horizontal growth I wanted
Mark Henderson 12/04/20 20:31
I guess since this is an old comment and not done, it was never seen as important. I'n still adding that I think this is a very common task and integral to a good image handler.
SIM MENG WEE 22/04/20 14:52
I just purchased doodly yesterday. Was creating a video and realized that I could not resize it without aspect ratio lock? What is the use of those resize tabs if I could only resize the whole image proportionally? I really hope this feature can be added. Seems so basic to have.
Goecking 13/05/20 12:54
Changing proportions would be very-very helpful !
Ananth Swaminath 06/06/20 12:04
This is much needed. Cropping images will help improve aesthetics, and also help navigate. Several times Images have larger dimensions than the image itself and it becomes necessary to crop the image. We now have to do it outside of Doodly, and add the image. But we then tend to compromise on image resolution and quality. A built in feature for the following will help immensely. - cropping images - resizing images without losing aspect ratio - removing backgrounds from images Canva.com has these features as part of its standard package - though it's not an animation SW.
D Sims 17/08/20 21:12
This is another very basic feature that should exist and not be "Considered" for almost two years. You provide a (paid) library of assets with no ability to actually customize them outside of flipping them. I'm beginning to question if this was a serious project or just a money grab.
Bethany Harris 27/08/20 13:31
Definitely seems like an obvious feature to have. So many possibilities could open up with just this one little addition. And while you’re at it, skewing could be useful too!
iCoreConnect 18/11/20 23:25
This seems to be an essential feature. We recently got Doodly and are very surprised to find that disproportionate resizing is not possible.
philip Paulden 13/12/20 12:23
I really cant understand why this has not yet been done. It creates so much work for me if I want change one dimension of an object or character I have to capture the characters export it to a drawing program resize it and then reimport it....and sometimes I dont get it quite right so have to do it again. I am not a programer but I cant imagine to allow custom resizing is a difficult project or an unreasonable request....Being able to custom resize characters and objects would take Doodly up another level.....please please please implement this feature or explain why you wont/cant.......
Oliver Fuchs 02/01/21 18:30
extremly important! For an example: it is not possible to make an Arrow longer, smaller, shorter or bigger in unproportional size.
Dustin Baker 15/02/21 20:27
This would be helpful as well for things like blackboards, rectangular frames, and white space images.
Warren Smith 12/03/21 09:26
Can't understand why an application in 2021 would not allow you to resize an object by changing its proportions. This must be a high priority for upcoming developments.
David Schmidt 16/03/21 19:05
I agree with others thinking this should be a fundamental feature in any software involving images and layout.
Shamnoor Arefin 23/05/21 13:26
I am shocked that doodly doesn’t have this basic feature! I wasted my money completely! I am a teacher and i can't put rectangles over a long text as it isn't allowing me to do that without getting annoyingly thicker!
Nguyen Hoang Tung 05/07/21 03:46
I almost asked for a refund when I found out this problem
Amber Karlin 22/07/21 18:03
Working with rectangles is super annoying because of this. It seems crazy that they couldn't even include a little checkbox for "keep ratio" in the image settings, given that they let you specify height and width down to the pixel.
Zim Sherman 15/08/21 03:39
This really should be addressed. It's such a basic concept.