Provide a means of setting precise size and position in a scene
One of the strategies for drawing a color stock image is to use the original stock image (already drawn) and overlay an imported colored version of the image. But the size and position of the overlay has to be precise for this to work properly. Using the current UI this an approximate and frustrating task. I would think there must already be some scheme being used to determine size and position - if we could have access to those numbers, we could easily and perfectly match the overlay. This would have positioning benefits in other ways as well, like duplicating elements across scenes.

Wayne McHugh shared this idea 18/10/18 23:33
Wayne McHugh 20/10/18 02:42
Snap-to-grid is one method of achieving this, which is another suggestion.
Rob Smith 10/12/18 05:19
Yes, precision positioning and resizing is something that i thought would be a standard feature when I started to use Doodly.
ANNIE HOWARD 13/01/19 03:13
Absolutely - this would help so much! As careful as I can possibly be, I still find overlaying can be a bit hit and miss!
Alan Birkett 22/01/19 19:41
I would love this. W,H & starting X,Y input.
Luci 31/01/19 04:05
Yes! I came here to add this suggestion as well. This was the most frustrating and time consuming aspect of the Doodlys I plan to make. My first one took me way longer than it would have if this feature existed.
ANNIE HOWARD 07/02/19 06:25
And be able to lock it in once lining up and sizing of your stack has been achieved please!
Stefanus 23/05/19 13:26
Snap to grid is one way. Need center to screen, align, as well as object grouping
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 19:19
Great feature and needed.