Ability to disable individual draw paths
When creating intricate draw paths for a custom image, it would help considerably if specific draw paths could be disabled, so that additional draw paths could be created without interference

Clive Leonard shared this idea 19/10/18 00:10
Clive Leonard 19/10/18 19:42 flag comment
Just to clarify, disabling should only be temporary while working on neighbouring or touching paths
Brian Martin 30/11/18 01:53 flag comment
I am sure the eye icon that when clicked would make the path invisible and visible like for vector layers would be the best approach.
Rob Smith 10/12/18 05:24 flag comment
This feature request is consistent with the functions available in other graphics editing software. It would also be good if the visibility translated to the animation. For example: 1. You have a piece of art containing 10 draw paths that complete the drawing with outlines and fills. 2. At some point you want to animate drawing of the outline only. 3. You toggle off' the visibility of the fill draw paths and generate a customised video. 4. Later, you want to animate the full drawing again, including draw paths. 5. Edit the asset an toggle 'on' the visibility of the fill paths. 6. Generate a new video.