Mathematical Symbols
It would be great to have more mathematical symbols available - Doodly would be perfect for taking advantage of mathematical symbols!

Craig J. Brain shared this idea 31/12/18 10:32
Admin 08/02/19 14:13
We've reviewed your request and upon further checking it appears to be a duplicate of an existing one located here - 
https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/119/maths-equations We recommend giving the link above an upvote to boost the likelihood of it being considered for a future release.
Craig J. Brain 06/10/19 11:27
Thanks. Good to know that somebody else has suggested this.
Syed Tahir Ali 26/04/20 07:31
Plz do something with this idea. Making videos for Physics, Chemistry, Maths is very difficult otherwise.
Salil 20/09/20 11:23
Any updates by when we will be getting these symbols for making videos for Science and Maths