copy paste to the exact same spot
I would like to see that when I copy or cut something from a scene to paste it in another scene that the object would be pasted in the same exact spot on the grid. At the moment this is not the case. The pasted object appears somewhere around the original spot instead of the exact original spot.

Dirk Klijs shared this idea 02/01/19 10:42
Karen Loftus 23/02/19 00:42
Again, other products have this feature, and I know I'd find it useful.
Arnie Deltoff 23/02/19 20:07
This should not be considered a request and count in our votes...it should be a fix.
Emily Barrell 07/05/19 14:03
this does make life much more difficult because you have to spend ages lining things up on the grid.
Stefanus 23/05/19 11:55
I think this is a must. Something like paste at location.
Wayne Leiser 23/04/20 17:49
I think they already implemented this. Version 2.4.6 does this for me already.