Select a group of items form the Items list.
When selecting items from the right-hand items list, current cntrl-click adds to selected items. Add the following facility: Click on the first item, ans Shift Control click on the last item to include, and all the items in between are selected

James Owens shared this idea 03/01/19 02:11
Pete Tashkoff 07/01/21 01:31
When dealing with a complex scene, and then finding a need to move or resize items, it would assist greatly to have this kind of option, as it is currently very tedious to ctrl-click every item. Especially if the items are group physically but not in sequence, which means having to cherry pick the panel display or with great difficulty identify multiple items in the display. An alternative, in case it is easier to code, would be a lasso effect of some kind that allows the mouse to be dragged and to select everything under the drag .
Carlos Peña 04/09/21 16:29
Please complete this with the possibility of a drag select. It would be pretty useful and friendly when we're working with lots of assets in our videos.