Customizable color palette
1) Be able to define a set of colors for use in each video. Currently, there is a predefined palette, but I can't add or remove any. 2) Be able to assign a color other than black (or white) as the default pen color. I wanted to use blue as my pen color and had to set the color back to blue every time I added my text.

Cameo Moy shared this idea 19/10/18 02:01
Dawn Wolthuis 02/12/18 04:14
I wanted several items with the same set of colors and had to put the desired hex value in each time. It would be nice if it did what other tools do to allow you to keep a set of custom colors clickable instead.
Bernadette 24/07/19 18:30
Agree, great option to add. Have individual color sets that host client colors compatible with website color design. Designer would only have to populate once, then have option to use repeatedly by a stored palette set.
Bob Prouty 18/05/20 01:09
Yes, I have a palatte of 4 colours my manager requires me to use and it is sad I have to type them in each time.
Sofiane Ait Mokhtar 27/04/21 13:43
This is a great idea, allow us to change the original colors for all characters and things. Thank you for your great job