Music Section
I recently bought the program and the fist bug I noticed was in the music section. Excuse me if I'm not totally familiar yet, but I couldn't understand how to find music I had playing in the background. What I did was click on a song, then left it playing to search for other music I'd be interested. When I clicked on new music that was playing, it overlapped what I was previously was playing. So, I tried to find the music that I had previously playing and couldn't find it to stop it. I had to wait until the song completed before I continued looking for music. I learned when I play a song, I must pause it or stop it before searching and playing anything else. Maybe a suggestion would be to allow only 1 song to play at a time instead of having overlap. If a new song is selected it should automatically turn the initial song off and play the new one. Just a thought...

Denton Daley shared this idea 04/01/19 19:18
Admin 08/01/19 16:31
Please submit a vote for this here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/85/now-playing-stop-music