Be able to resize video area, so can use on Instagram, for example
Instagram videos are vertical/square. Currently renderings fall off the left/right edges when posted to Instagram.

Cameo Moy shared this idea 19/10/18 02:10
Nicola Tester 20/10/18 01:15
Absolutely essential with IG stories and IG tv being so popular
Eileen Malischewski 18/11/18 20:17
Yes! Instagram uses a 1:1 ratio and IGTV uses a 9:16 ratio. I don't consider having a black band filling the space outside these ratios to be "custom".
Adrienn Várőri 30/11/18 10:00
Doug Spicher 28/12/18 09:02
completely agree - need to be able to set canvas size
Margherita Antinori 29/12/18 20:45
Yes! Please Doodly add the vertical format as well, for IGTV is a must!
Paul Clements 05/01/19 09:06
I'd think this was a no brainer really. The potential for for the ability to make and use vertical video "full Screen" on your mobile device and import it to use in a Doodly movie in the same orientation is massive. As mentioned below, FB stories, Instagram tv, Vero, all use this type of screen orientation. So I'd like to see the option to change your workspace to portrait 9:16 and square 1:1 with the option to export in these ratios as well. More than 50% of online video views are on mobile devices now and rising. Come on, think about it.. "Make product videos for your facebook stories, the way they are meant to be viewed. Who does? Doodly does it with you.
David Orenstein 15/01/19 12:48
This is a must ASAP not only instagram but also facebook stories!!!!!
Roberto Russo 27/01/19 15:11
Jenny Jobring 31/01/19 13:27
Pamela Dimmick 31/01/19 18:20
This feature already exists (Export > Resolution > Custom -- then set your desired resolution such as 1080x1080 for square and 1080x 1920 for vertical), which may cause Doodly to ignore this feature request. However, it can definitely be improved as the custom export shrinks the Doodly video to fit within the custom settings, leaving large areas of blank space along the top and bottom.
ANNIE HOWARD 07/02/19 06:22
Nick Green 18/03/19 12:36
Doodly should have a Portrait 'artboard' and an "out of the box" Instagram output.
Kris HJ 24/03/19 19:44
David Sherrod 05/04/19 18:59
Quite surprised it can't do this, actually. (New user here...)
Reinaldo 02/05/19 05:25
Absolutely. I have been looking for an option for this until I get here. Doodly custom ratio at export does not work as expected because if you export a 9:16 ratio (1080x1920 for example) you end up with these big black spaces up and down. We need you can create the video from start at the ratio specified, I mean, canvas frame should be editable to any ratio, especially 1:1 and 9:16, and more especially for Instagram, 1080x1080 and 1080x1920 ratios. Really hope this can be added extremely soon. Thank you
Thomas Astleitner 24/05/19 08:02
Surprised too that this is not possible while suggesting Doodly as the tool for exporting promitional content.
Andrew Carter 12/06/19 20:42
Being able to resize the canvas to match export format in landscape, portrait or square is essential in modern media creation.
Nathan A Rudy 19/07/19 15:04
Yes, Definitely. Being able to set our scene size is paramount.
Mukesh Vadodaria 21/10/19 10:23
I NEED TO CREATE VIDEO FOR WHATSAPP - VERTICAL VIDEO......It's NOT POSSIBLE People don't like to change mobile position to landscape, its really require to make videos vertically.
David Schmidt 12/11/19 20:45
Another vote for being able to do vertical formats -- allow us to set a canvas size / document size -- I would love to use Doodly for portrait mode videos.
Hilary 18/11/19 20:03
I am hopeful you can comment that this will happen soon, as I just purchased and may ask for a return if this isn't on your roadmap.
Nathan Wang 19/11/19 13:41
Widely used
Diana VS 14/12/19 22:38
It would be great
Venkata Phani Kumar Mangipudi 17/12/19 10:55
This is an essential feature. Please add it at the earliest. I've just purchased an enterprise version and we badly need this feature.
Bjoern 30/12/19 08:05
I couldn't agree more. There is the possibility to use custom export resolutions but if I try to export the video in 1280x1024, the app automatically overwrites one of the parameters into another format. Please add this feature asap and stop postponing it :)
Jose Munoz 01/06/20 14:51
Very necessary also for responsive website
Matthew Morizio 09/07/20 14:04
This feature would be helpful. The ability to personally determine the size of the video area.