Fade drawn image
I think it would be nice to have a fade in option for hand-drawn images, particularly those with fill

Bo Odom shared this idea 04/01/19 19:38
Marco Napoli 31/01/22 20:24
Adding a Fading options is extremely important and in my opinion, it should be a priority. Thanks.
Jenny 01/03/19 06:04
I agree. Having to manually create your own fade-in at the moment is cumbersome.
Khuu Le Cung 08/04/20 03:01
I'm desperately in need of this feature!
Wayne Leiser 23/04/20 17:54
Yes, I would like to have the ability to not just fade images in and out but text as well. The only way I can do it now is to place the text where I want it, snippet, import it as an image and then create my own fade effect with a rectangle covering for fade out and fade effect for images for fade in. It would be nice if Doodly automatically took care of this for us.
Dan Dozier 20/05/20 17:18
Yes, please!
Mitchell Summer 18/06/20 18:47
very much needed please
Aidan Kielty 20/07/20 08:39
It can be done by entering a white screen fading in after the scene but would be so useful if you could just easily fade out
איתיאל אהרונסון 30/09/20 10:22
you meam their built in props and characters - yes please! and also TEXT!
איתיאל אהרונסון 30/09/20 10:24
AND ALSO FADE OUT! (currently there is only fade in, and only for uploded assets)
איתיאל אהרונסון 01/02/21 20:18
it would be perfect to have this option in the same box where you can choose the Enter animation: draw/none. just adding there also "fade" as an option, both for text and props, and also as an exsit animation option.
Calvary Zender 08/07/21 21:50
I agree. I currently use white boxes to simulate the fade effect, but this only works on pure white backgrounds!
James Vogt 08/11/21 16:16
Yes! Yes! Yes! I don't understand why imported graphics can fade, but not the native ones or text. Frustrating!