Alignment of Images
I know this has been asked previously and was declined, but it would be extraordinarily helpful to be able to align props and text. I have tried using grouping feature and it's not as effective as aligning would be for my use of Doodly.

Allie Donahue shared this idea 04/01/19 20:12
Admin 08/01/19 17:39
There is a "show grid" option at the top left-hand side when you are working on a project. You can group the assets and use that to align. Will that work for you?
Taha Masood 26/01/19 04:49
To align the objects using the grid can work, but it is very tedious and often very difficult to align them perfectly. Having a button to align them all to the left, right, or center would be very helpful
Katherine Cole 01/02/19 18:22
I agree that this is a huge need. The ability to align images and text to each other and being able to center align them on the canvas is critical. The grid doesn't help to align objects to each other unless you can snap to the grid.
Arnie Deltoff 24/02/19 13:37
A grid is not precise enough to align objects professionally. And if you need multiple items this is not easy. You should be able to choose multiple items and press align - and have both vertical (left, center, right) and horizontal (top, center, bottom) options. All proper software has this.
Daisy Baylon 24/04/19 00:04
voting for this too! this will save time instead of using the grid lines :D
Matthew Channell 21/04/20 09:44
I am creating a Doodly and something I cannot find is automatic alignment or snap to grid. I am spending quite a lot of time trying to line boxes up and get them to the same size. I am thinking of the auto-align options you see in PowerPoint, Articulate Storyline, Adobe etc - (Align to bottom and top options plus the auto-alignment lines that appear once you have something aligned with neighbouring assets. Alignment aids to find the center, top and bottom in respect of another asset, but also the page would be most useful. I am using the grid function but is still be a bit fiddly.
Tonya Burge 23/05/20 17:17
I'm shocked that this tool has no alignment feature for text and images. I also see that it's been declined before. This would help create projects more efficiently.
Adam Ward 20/11/20 10:31
Especially important for text bullet points. Also please consider adding the copy/paste/SHIFT+Drag to constrain the itm you are dragging to 90 and 45 degree angles like in other image and video editing software. in fact Adobe Illustrator handles this extremely well allowing you to drag+copy+paste and constrain with one motion, holding down ALT+SHIFT while you dragging creates a copy leaving the original in place and forces a constrained drag horizontally or vertically (90 degrees) or diagonally (45 degrees). this is such a time saver.
Adam Ward 20/11/20 10:35
Snap to grid would be a good improvement too, and the ability to drag on your own guides that you can snap things too. Also take a leaf out of PowerPoints book where it allows you to align multiple objects by their center, left, right, tops, bottom, middle. and the buttons to evenly distribute vertically and horizontally.
Pete Tashkoff 27/11/20 21:57
Show grid is better than nothing but it is slow and cumbersome to use. Ideally I would like to be able to select multiple objects and align to left, right, top and bottom (in the same way as I can in Canva and Powerpoint) Snap to grid would be a workaround if it was easier to implement.
Anderson Messias Rodrigues 13/12/20 04:10
Being able to align objects, using a button, would save so much time. Moreover, we need to make the exact alignment of textual elements and figures, as well as distribute them symmetrically throughout the scene. Therefore, it's not the same as using the grid function. Align and distribute are important functions that are missing from the software. I kindly ask you to consider these points above.
Steve Prescott 13/04/21 13:09
I definitely want this. I'm a big user of Powerpoint and the video editing tool VSDC, and these both have rich support for alignment... both (a) aligned to the PAGE, and (b) aligned to OTHER OBJECTS. To me, this is a mandatory base requirement of any visual creation tool.
Anele 20/04/21 11:58
Guys seriously, it's 2021 and the alignment tool is not ready! you should really start listening to the users! There isnt a single designer in the planet that doest use the alignment function, come on, chop chop, thats been waiting for 2 years alerady!
Czimer Kristóf 16/05/21 20:24
A tool would be nice to control the spacing and alignment of multiple props with one action. Like align and distribute in inkscape. I am spending a lot of time on spacing. Especially if I need something reorganized.
don findlay 21/06/21 17:39
I'm so IN on this request for a professional alignment feature. Your dotted grid is extremely difficult to see and use. Align to tab and align to page are so badly needed.