Add TTS tool
you can add text to spech for the doodly foto example(Polly AWS)

Sergio Arturo García Gutiérrez shared this idea 19/10/18 03:59
tMtFQiRt 20/03/20 13:36 flag comment
Luis Morales 11/04/20 18:19 flag comment
I also want this feature, even with an extra cost, per voice. Spanish LatAm and English US.
Sadik Bulut 03/05/20 09:53 flag comment
It would be great to have the ability to add text-to-speech functionality as voice over.
Theresa Quinn 01/06/20 05:02 flag comment
yes please!
James Geiger 13/06/20 04:39 flag comment
As someone with a speech impediment, this would be awesome
Eric 15/06/20 13:39 flag comment
In fact Doodle should build a service based an API of AWS , Google or Watson IBM, at least two for redundancy reasons. As a Doodle user you would subscribe to the service. The price and the way of subscribing to such a service is crucial for its success. It is not easy to determine a price - pay as you usage would be great, but not easy to implement.
Aman Jain 15/06/20 19:07 flag comment
Please consider that the voice is not so robotic as usual text-to-speech software produce. This is a must feature for the Doodly software.
Jide 09/09/20 15:19 flag comment
Whoa, good suggestions here. Didn’t know it had been suggested already. I just sent one also. It’ll be great we have a human clear voice Text to Speech in the major languages... Having it as Voiceover would be very useful and great
Shijor S 15/10/20 09:04 flag comment
This would be one best feauture to have. Please consider.
Rene Rose 26/10/20 11:36 flag comment
please i need this
Ejaz ur Rehman 07/11/20 18:14 flag comment
Please add this I need it ASAP.
Moradeke Akintola 24/11/20 15:34 flag comment
please add ASAP
Varin Kaspi 03/12/20 07:34 flag comment
Doodlemaker has this feature, but for the animation, doddly is still better
Benyamin Maengkom 16/01/21 02:20 flag comment