Add TTS tool
you can add text to spech for the doodly foto example(Polly AWS)

Sergio Arturo García Gutiérrez shared this idea 19/10/18 03:59
Ryan Rodrigues 22/02/21 20:51
Hello, the lack of this feature is the only reason I have not purchased the program yet. Please add this feature soon so I can take advantage of Doodly.
Luis Morales 11/04/20 18:19
I also want this feature, even with an extra cost, per voice. Spanish LatAm and English US.
Sadik Bulut 03/05/20 09:53
It would be great to have the ability to add text-to-speech functionality as voice over.
Theresa Quinn 01/06/20 05:02
yes please!
James Geiger 13/06/20 04:39
As someone with a speech impediment, this would be awesome
Eric 15/06/20 13:39
In fact Doodle should build a service based an API of AWS , Google or Watson IBM, at least two for redundancy reasons. As a Doodle user you would subscribe to the service. The price and the way of subscribing to such a service is crucial for its success. It is not easy to determine a price - pay as you usage would be great, but not easy to implement.
Aman Jain 15/06/20 19:07
Please consider that the voice is not so robotic as usual text-to-speech software produce. This is a must feature for the Doodly software.
Jide 09/09/20 15:19
Whoa, good suggestions here. Didn’t know it had been suggested already. I just sent one also. It’ll be great we have a human clear voice Text to Speech in the major languages... Having it as Voiceover would be very useful and great
Shijor S 15/10/20 09:04
This would be one best feauture to have. Please consider.
Rene Rose 26/10/20 11:36
please i need this
Ejaz ur Rehman 07/11/20 18:14
Please add this I need it ASAP.
Moradeke Akintola 24/11/20 15:34
please add ASAP
Varin Kaspi 03/12/20 07:34
Doodlemaker has this feature, but for the animation, doddly is still better
Benyamin Maengkom 16/01/21 02:20
Sumaira Hussain 03/02/21 20:05
yes please it would be great to have this in doodly and toonly.
Sumaira Hussain 03/02/21 20:05
yes please it would be great to have this in doodly and toonly.
Sumaira Hussain 03/02/21 20:05
yes please it would be great to have this in doodly and toonly.
Carlos Casanova 04/02/21 19:47
I'm new to Doodly and rather disappointed at this capability not being part of the tool. It seems as though it should be a foundational feature to stay on par with its many of the competitors who have it.
Amit Kumar Bose 17/05/21 05:13
Is there TTS available. If No then Pls add it ASAP
Mukhlesur Rahman 26/05/21 01:04
Please add this as soon as possible. I highly need this option. Please add all the latest AI TTS it would be more helpful for us. Also, add an option to pay as you used would be great.
Dip Narayan Thakur 17/06/21 15:37
Please add text to speech for natural speech like voiceovers. Thank you
Philippe Vigouroux 19/08/21 00:00
I just bought Doodly, cause I was thinking it was the best, but there is not the text to speech. I am so disappointed, I regret my purchase.
Shijor S 20/08/21 03:25
I purchased Doodly and upgraded the majority of the add-ons. Creating voice-overs in other applications and importing them takes more time. It would be great to have TTS inside Doodly.