Remote processing of export without software needing to be open
One of the comments that seems to come up in the Facebook group often is that it takes a long time for the video to compile and export to the local machine. There have been many suggestions that this extended time might have something to do with the end users internet connection speed or possible server lag. If there were an option during the export dialog to have it notify you by email when the file is ready, then that would mean that the user could close the application and go about their day. And then when they get the email notification they could click a link to download the completed file. There could even be a checkbox in the download screen to confirm that the file was received so that it could be flagged for removal from the transfer server (this would have no effect on the actual raw video project file on the Doodly server). There could also be a time limit (say 7 days) where the compiled file would be deleted - ie link made invalid - if the file was not downloaded and/or confirmed.

Stephen Orth shared this idea 12/01/19 18:13