Folders To Keep Different Projects
On the homepage, users can create/delete/rename folders to keep their projects. And also able to move projects across the folders. By doing this, users can sort their projects into different folders.

Vincent Chun shared this idea 19/10/18 07:15
Clive Leonard 19/10/18 19:39 flag comment
Definitely need this functionality as my existing list of doodle videos is already becoming cumbersome to navigate (especially with variants of a similar video)
Vincent Chun 22/10/18 15:12 flag comment
Not many video making apps have this feature although it's seen important by the graphic designers. The technical part to build this feature might be very tough.
Jose Manuel Millan 09/11/18 14:44 flag comment
I have the same problem, and a solution that I suppose should be feasible is to be able to sort the videos by name, so that their full name can be, for example, “project-name of the video". And that the videos appear ordered by the name "project". That is, automatically include the order in the presentation list. No command would be necessary.
Richard Duane Gryder 07/12/18 02:08 flag comment
logical addition. This one should be considered essential
Steven Lee 07/12/18 12:38 flag comment
And it would be nice to add a searching function for that too.
Darlene Bocek 19/12/18 19:02 flag comment
I agree that it would be helpful to be able to sort our own videos.
Andreas Sauerwein 20/01/19 11:26 flag comment
Once started different projects, it would allow for more structure in my files!
Patricia Linder 28/01/19 13:43 flag comment
ANNIE HOWARD 07/02/19 06:18 flag comment
Absolutely yes please!
Tanveer ul Islam 12/02/19 09:30 flag comment
folders and sub folders will help my projects manage easily and as decently as Doodly has other great functions. Thanks Team
Sovann My 20/02/19 09:19 flag comment
Karen Loftus 23/02/19 00:35 flag comment
I am having a hard time feeling organized & productive, so this feature would certainly help.
David Carter 25/03/19 13:58 flag comment
If folders are a challenge, an alternative might be labels. If a hierarchy of labels could be added then it would be a simple matter to group and sort. This would make development quicker as you could add this feature rather than modifying the current file saving process. OH, and YES PLEASE SEARCH too!!! :)
Emily Barrell 07/05/19 14:01 flag comment
Yes, it is very difficult to keep track of current and archived materials if they are all lumped together with no obvious hierarchy. Folders please.
Belinda Francis 30/06/19 12:06 flag comment
If folders is too difficult then at least some kind of tagging system or search facility so we can name our videos logically and then search for them.
James Wilson 25/07/19 21:07 flag comment
Especially ability to rename duplicates
Karen Greaves 08/09/19 14:13 flag comment
This would be great and easier to manage.
Reed Brown 13/09/19 15:35 flag comment
Yes! A user-friendly file system where I can keep assets together on a project basis is really important and will add greatly to the Doodly's workflow. This sould include media assets AND videos.
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 19:16 flag comment
A great way to stay organized.
David Curley 19/10/19 19:20 flag comment
Yes please give the whole list a face-lift. Folders alone would be good, but if you're looking at a list of folders and videos, searching / filtering would be useful to ("where did I file that video??").
Jaco 22/10/19 07:18 flag comment
Most definitely needed.
Bob Vamvas 27/11/19 19:37 flag comment
Stephen T Batson 28/11/19 04:08 flag comment
Please add this! I have many videos and would like to organize into folder to make it easier to find videos.
David Higginbotham 03/03/20 15:42 flag comment
Organization is the biggest issue I have with Doodly. Simple folders for projects AND images within categories would be VERY helpful!
Iain Flockhart 06/03/20 20:32 flag comment
This is a great idea.
Massimo Donnarumma 22/03/20 09:52 flag comment
Paul Bleby 23/03/20 16:07 flag comment
This would be a fantastic idea as my work area in Doodly is now getting very messy.