Time Control Preview and Time Preview (Zoom In and Zoom Out)
It takes time for scrolling from the early page to the end of the slides as we have to scrolling manually. I think it is better to add a feature for zoom in and zoom out of time control. Moreoever, the time scrollbar is also suggested to be applied. Thank you

Febra shared this idea 13/01/19 06:11
Shane Fryer 20/04/20 07:25
Would make working on longer videos a lot easier.
Adam Ward 20/11/20 10:01
Agree with Shane, a lot of video editing applications allow the user to specify the time window they are working on and want to preview. The preview running from the start of the Doodly every time is one of the most annoying, time consuming and frustrating part of Doodly for me.
Calvary Zender 08/07/21 21:42
I agree, having a way to zoom the timeline and add tags would be helpful.
Eugene 18/09/21 00:29
Timeline is fixed on screen, would be nice to be able to adjust it. currently I see 30secs on my work screen, would be nice to be able to zoom out and see 2mins, 5main or so. scrolling through the whole thing 30seconds at a time together to end or beginning takes precious time. Thank you