IPad Pro version
When will the app for my IpadPro be coming out? I work on it 80% of the time with clients and this would be great if i could create on the spot with them.

Michael Mazo shared this idea 15/01/19 04:39
Jonny Arbat 13/05/22 17:25
Must have.
Andrej Schvarc 03/02/19 14:32
I am also using iPad Pro and to use Doodly will be a great idea.
Jerry Pham 20/08/19 05:35
I also vote for ipad pro version. I prefer ipad pro over mac
Guenter Steppich 07/03/19 16:48
I would also appreciate that a lot! :-)
Christina Gurske 16/04/19 12:02
This would be ideal!
Kim Vogt 01/05/19 10:39
Same for me ... the platform is ideal to use. Immagine how easy the setup of custom draw would be. Please consider that!
Carla Pamela Tejos Baeza 25/06/19 21:52
Me encantaría esta opción
Debra Holcomb 28/06/19 12:39
I would love this ability! Otherwise, I have to buy a Microsoft Surface and Microsoft is already rich enough!
Stacey Whittington 26/08/19 19:49
Alysia Asp 29/08/19 05:14
An IPAD app would make this easier to use and more accessible to many people. Many of use are phasing out of using laptops and stand alones:)
Sandra Galjaard 22/10/19 15:34
I work for 90% on my iPad and with the new iPad OS it would be possible to completely work on the iPad if Doodly would also be available there.
Lorraine 06/11/19 13:05
How can i download my purchased doodly application to iPad Pro
Esko Hakanen 12/11/19 13:33
We definitely need this
Dmitry 19/12/19 18:47
Dmitry 19/12/19 18:47
It’s great idea
Jesse pisto 31/12/19 04:14
Rin Walwag 01/01/20 21:14
Yes! Upvoted.
Jennifer Pleitgen 09/01/20 21:15
I soooo need this option please!!!
MR NIGEL WILLIS 23/02/20 20:28
Jason Phillips 28/02/20 07:47
I’m surprised that this isn’t available. Fingers crossed it’s going to happen in 2020!
Claus Annar Olsen 15/03/20 11:08
Emma Woodhouse 15/03/20 17:21
iPad Pro app would be fantastic, be so easy to use with the Apple Pencil!!
Paul Bleby 23/03/20 16:13
This would be very helpful for creating doodly's on the go.
Bhavesh 04/04/20 02:58
Need ipad pro version asap. Don't delay else i will purchase some other software
Tim Bourassa 28/04/20 06:04
Looking forward to this possibility!
John Holme 30/04/20 11:54
With the new iPad Pro's being more powerful than many laptops it makes complete sense that this should be a development platform of choice to attract more Doodly and Toonly customers.
Rino Andriya 03/05/20 22:08
that will be a wonderful thing if doodly could be used in ipad and ipad pro.. can not wait for it.. please make it happen..
Freo Lancisco 04/05/20 18:30
iPad and phone make up 98% of my computing device time. PLEASE make a doodly Ipad app. Would definitely buy it. I can see it as a foundation of my distant teaching.
Damian 14/05/20 03:54
iPad Pro version! Please!
Janis Treleaven 19/05/20 16:22
I can’t believe this is STILL not available on ipad Pro! What a loss! Many of us only use tablets now, especially for artistic reasons. Please make an ipad pro version!
Dian Basit 27/05/20 22:32
I'm using iPad air so an iPadOS version of this app would be greatly beneficial!
Steve Scott 07/06/20 16:05
Yes please!
Pastor David Poedel 13/06/20 01:05
I just bought the program for my Mac. It would be awesome to have an IPadOS version!
Werner Krammel 14/06/20 08:21
Hi, I really love doodly to create short explanatory videos. But I‘m very often not in my office or at home and I only carry on my iPad Pro: Therefor I really would love a iPad Pro version! Hope we will get it soon! By werner
Hussam Hassan Dafalla 30/06/20 23:07
Hi, we purchased doodly, and we love it, recently I got my I pad pro, and it’s the only thing that I have right now, waiting to have the app for it as soon as possible. Regards.
Adrian Camilleri 10/07/20 16:45
Same! Pretty please! :)
Arthur Barrett 19/07/20 18:03
The sooner the better!
Jonathan Rose 21/07/20 12:13
I’m on iPad Pro & don’t use a laptop, so won’t be purchasing until it’s iPad Pro compatible
Ankit Kumar Jain 13/08/20 17:45
Waiting to have iPad Pro compatible app.
Juan Luis de la Rosa Hernández 21/08/20 06:46
Sería muy importante que sacaran el programa para correrlo en IPad Por qué tardan ? Hay gran demanda al respecto
Athitya Kumar 23/08/20 14:30
Waiting for the iPad support as well
Gil green 25/08/20 06:49
Doodly on iPad Pro would be the “killer app” for 2020/21 With many workers working from home due to the Covid pandemic, my team is is often working on their iPad PRO and Apple Pencil 2. This could turn the iPad Pro into the ultimate creation presentation Device. Please consider offering a one time Upfront iPad purchase price, as on going subscriptions is a cost prohibitive for our small business.
Grantham Jonkers 31/08/20 01:06
Please consider this ASAP.
Anne 01/09/20 09:36
Please give us iPad pro version of Doodly
Terry Skene 07/09/20 00:47
I would use this feature all the time
Christian Eide Larsen 16/09/20 21:43
I would have liked to use Doodly, but not without an iPad Pro app.
Ankit Kumar Jain 19/09/20 11:21
Eagerly waiting for iPad version... do respond when we could have it.
Faldi Yaputra 22/09/20 12:01
I need this too!
Tariq Shureih 26/09/20 20:17
I would greatly appreciate and have semi-immediate need for Doodly (and Toonly) on iPad Pro (12.9) ASAP. Thank you
Teresa A. Gibbons 29/09/20 10:03
This would be awesome
Andrew Kavanagh 05/10/20 23:16
Had mistakenly thought Doodly was ipad compatible upon purchase. Would be great to be able to use my iPad Pro with pencil.
Michael Dennis 10/10/20 02:00
...you can see by the votes, the iPad Pro is powerful and flexible, a must for small businesses and self employed, should be able to meet your requirements with a little programming.
Vitawat C. 13/10/20 10:22
I’m looking forward to see it too. Thanks
Joanne 18/10/20 10:30
yes PLEASE - much wanted
Morgan Giddings 20/10/20 18:21
Yes, me too. I use the ipad all the time and lack of this is the main reason I don't use Doodly much....
Dian Basit 14/11/20 05:33
Please consider this. I use ipad air most of the time and it would be fantastic idea. Please have an application out as soon as possible. I would recommend it to others even more. Thanks
Amanda Hansen 14/11/20 20:50
I would definitely have purchased this for $67 (not monthly subscription) if I saw it advertised through Youtube ads as an iPad app. I use and iPad with a keyboard because it is beautifully lightweight.
Faldi Yaputra 20/11/20 22:52
Such an amazing update if doodly can be use on ipad pro
Za'en Mazlan 23/11/20 07:41
Definitely would be using this if available on Ipad pro platform
Ludwig Kalthoff 29/11/20 08:14
I just explore Google jamboard....on iPad.
Manon BECOURT 03/12/20 10:38
Yes I Realty need to be able to use it on ipad ! Thanks for your consideration
Wesley Sayers 13/12/20 04:34
I use my iPad Pro and iMac every day when my programming doesn’t require MS Windows. Apple’s iPadOS is a powerful platform perfect for supporting pen sketches. Please, please, please Doodly....make this a reality.
Bernhard Sperrfechter 16/12/20 06:53
I also Voten for an iPadPro Version. Thanks
Raul Ernesto 23/12/20 17:24
Hakime Bezza 23/12/20 23:33
I didn’t check and realize that the app wasn’t available on iPad Pro :-( I would also buy it if you make it available on iPad Pro!
Hakime Bezza 23/12/20 23:33
Mincu Matei 25/12/20 11:34
I want Doodly for my ipad pro. I am Enterprise user + Rainbow addon.
Robert Chalmers 26/12/20 06:30
Yes, badly needed now.
Raphael Wald 31/12/20 17:55
Right now there isn't a good IOS App for Whiteboard Animation, you can take this market pretty easily by creating one! We would like to see that happen!
Andreas Baumann 30/01/21 18:51
An IPad (Pro) version would be great for my daily business!
Mark 10/02/21 02:59
Yes please! Sketching with had is so easy, and would be a killer addition to Doodly.
Fraser Pollard 18/02/21 08:36
I was shocked that the iPad Pro currently does not support the Doodly software, seems like a no brainer that it should... I purchased the full package and now I am limited to only being able to use it at work on the computer...
Victor Voon 08/03/21 12:32
I use doodly on a laptop, but i prefer to use it on Ipad .
[email protected] 14/04/21 15:41
I would love to have Doodly on my ipad pro!!!
Cameron Valadez 21/04/21 01:06
Please create this for use on an ipad!
Jay 01/05/21 03:56
I use a Mac and Windows laptop with Doodly, I'm glad you get both versions! But an iPadOS version would honestly be the best! I think I'd migrate all or at least 90% of my work there.
Thorsten Butsch 02/05/21 09:59
This would be great. This would also be the chance for all Apple Silicon Mac users...
Andrey Kartashov 24/05/21 13:38
iPad is just looks natural for doodling
Diadre 25/05/21 17:52
Would be great to use this on IPad. Would be able to get a lot more done, portable and start showing clients different ideas etc
Bryan Gershen 06/06/21 07:01
I got the new M1 iPad Pro 12.9” with 16GB ram….. lets make this happen!
Daniel Cooper 17/06/21 21:07
Please, make this happen. That is all.
Rune Irgens Eriksen 21/06/21 07:09
Yes please, I use the ipad to all my work.
Teresa A. Gibbons 04/07/21 13:43
iPad access would be amazing!!! Please consider this…
Kyle Serrano 20/07/21 21:51
Voted for this feature as well. Looking forward to it.
Mohit Dalal 23/07/21 17:03
This would be an ideal scenario!
Usha Ramani Jyothsna Buddha 13/08/21 08:18
having doodly worked on ipad pro /ipad will be one of the very common scenario as now a days many are using ipad. Looking forward to have this on ios versions
James Caspar 19/09/21 15:52
Would love an iPad Pro version please.
David Soulier 21/09/21 15:28
This would be fantastic to use on my iPad Pro. Whipping up a short, very compelling Doodly on the fly would be amazing and could include events that happened minutes ago. Please, please do it!
Ethan 11/11/22 11:52
wish to have the version that competible with tablet and smart phone