Manufacturing/Logistics content
Having just purchased Doodly, I find that the content library is mostly geared towards videos describing B2C scenarios. I'd really like to see content more geared towards B2B: scenes like production lines, factories, electronics assembly lines, warehouses, trucks, logistics scenarios. Props like electronic components, PCBs, devices, enclosures+screws, etc. In other words, if I were to use Doodly to create a video of a scenario where a small electronics manufacturing company orders parts, gets them delivered to a small warehouse, and then assembles devices which are then packaged and sold, I would be hard pressed to do that.

Jan Rychter shared this idea 15/01/19 18:27
Brian Weiss 28/11/19 13:31
I like the idea of increasing the manufacturing content and would definitely use these types of images in my scenes. I would also add machine tools, robotics, robot workcells, and other automation technologies.