Suggest to add color and custom gestures
Suggest to add color and custom gestures

fengbaiyong shared this idea 19/10/18 13:46
Susan Totman 25/10/18 01:58
I agree, specifically on color.
Richard Farrester 01/11/18 20:42
The ability to add a 'splash' of color to a scene or part of a scene for emphasis would be helpful.
Mitya 21/12/18 11:30
I also support the idea of colors
LaVita Johnson Spears 27/12/18 05:56
Color is needed.
Jasmin Gabriel 03/02/19 11:25
I would love to integrate color also in drawings way easier
sarwagna 11/02/19 07:01
yass. I too requested the same, but using paths to decide which color goes where...
Pablo Plaza 17/02/19 21:10
Yes, and I feel a bit disappointed as the advertising of Doddly in Facebook includes colors that then are not possible to add inside the tool.
Karen Loftus 23/02/19 00:41
I totally support the need to easily add color on the screen -- especially blocks of color, versus just the outline of e.g. a box.
Zahid Moghal 26/03/19 20:53
I thinks Color is very important, I suggest to add as soon as possible.
JOSE FERNANDEZ 14/07/19 21:23
We have to work very hard to color the scenes. Without the color, the scenes do not have the same effect ..
Bernadette 24/07/19 18:28
Absolutely support the click and fill of colors for such items as a character that could have a color for hair (i.e., brown hair), different color for shirt (i.e., red shirt), different color for jeans (i.e., blue jeans), different color for shoes (i.e., white sneakers). Splashes of color for background. Color integration would add so much to the characterization. Instead of having to path draw and fill; it would be advantageous to just click and fill.
David Gray 24/03/20 02:08
Fill color could be used to make the characters different ethnicity and to create greater personality. I would love to see color.
David M LaBuda 15/04/20 23:25
David M LaBuda 15/04/20 23:30
Good Idea! I would specifically like to see musicians added along with the appropriate gestures of playing their instruments. Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Vibraphone, and Drums are of particular interest to me. ALL instruments could be used by me an any given time if available.