Preview from current scene to end
Hi, just made my first Doodly - a nice intuitive program, thanks. I note that I can preview the whole movie, or the current scene, but I'd really to be able to choose to preview from an aribitrary point, to the end. (I spent a lot of time watching the beginning of my movie many times, just to check the timings of a scene towards the end)

Bruce shared this idea 17/01/19 16:48
B.A. Mann 22/05/19 21:39
Totally agree. Need to be able to preview from a given spot to the end.
Israel del Rio 30/10/19 17:16
I had just submitted same suggestion. Allow the "Preview From This Scene" entry in the menu that appears when right-clicking on a scene.
Werner Hattingh 10/06/20 08:07
It would be great if one hit the preview button to that it would start the preview from the current play head position. The one can review your changes and tweak your work much faster. It would save many hours watching and forwarding to the correct place.
Victor 10/06/20 15:53
I have recently done a video with 22 scenes in it and about a 100 assets, but the audio narration was flowing from one scene to the other. So, when I was finetuning the time every asset appears, the fact that I can preview this scene only was a torture. There's is a general preview, but it is also a torture to click Preview and try to catch the moment you need for a hundred times... "Play on from here", would really save time! (actually, One Scene preview should be gone whatsoever - it is awefull useless if you have "Preview from here on").
Ricky Comiskey 12/06/20 16:30
I agree with this. Just been banging my head listening to my voice saying the same thing over and over and over...
VASUKI BELAVADI 01/08/20 15:02
I upvote this like a 10 times. Imagine i made a five minute video. Having to sit through 4.30 secs before reaching the last 30 secs is tiring. A preview from the current scene, at least would be great.
Pete 27/08/20 09:07
yes! I was about to put in the same suggestion. It is a real pain and time drain to keep watching from the beginning of a 3 minute video when you are just looking to fine tune the last 1 minute with different slides.
Laura Muth 19/10/20 20:17
YES!! This please!! :) Having worked with several video editing products before, it is absolutely a time saver to be able to watch a very small piece of a video when trying to perfect timing. When trying to perfect the transition from one scene to the next, having to re-watch the entire thing is excruciatingly painful.
Adam Ward 20/11/20 09:55
it's such an annoyance to have to watch the entire thing every time, or click forward in the preview window to guess where the bit is you are interested in previewing.