Female Professionals - Needed in SLACKS + Suits, not just dresses for the 21st Century
Female professionals - teachers, lecturers, computer programmers, and professors are only in dresses. Quite sexist and not indicative of 2019 reality. It would be helpful to have some of the female business professionals – software trainer, teacher, corporate woman presenter characters – in slacks and a blouse or slacks, blouse and suit jacket, NOT just dresses so it represents women in the 21st century.

Francine Millman shared this idea 19/01/19 19:00
Shelley List 15/04/19 16:25
Yes and maybe not so Barbie-like in shape?
Hrr 10/04/20 09:28
Please listen to @francinemillman. I am a user (and a man) in The Netherlands, Europe. You use typical US kind of gender-material. Please consider a more international way of typical, more gender-neutral kind of figures!! For example: where is the woman holding you a contract without NOT wearing a 'pencil skirt'. Please please do before European users do not wish use this remarkable product..
Sarah 24/10/20 20:07
Not just for the professionals. The little girls too. NO-ONE outside of the bible-belt of the USA wears skirts/dresses. Here in Europe our children wear trousers / shorts / overalls regardless of gender. Our audience won't take a skirt-wearing girl very seriously, as she looks like she's from the 1970s.