Actions Pane - Stop Images from moving in Actions Pane after Send Backwards/Forwards, then Save
Actions Panel – Problem: Everything keeps moving back to the way it was, even after I have dragged the items into a new position. Here's an example: I have inserted several props. In the Actions panel, I move them into the order I want them to display. Then, I go back to the main screen click an image and choose Send Backwards or Forward (whichever, it doesn't matter). As soon as I do that, it shifts the tiles in the Action panel. If I move them back into position or do the same thing, they move back. And, it doesn't matter which order I make my adjustments, they move. So, I am stuck with the props either being in the wrong order or not sending backward or forward. Solution: Stop the shift in order in the Actions Pane after changes are made and Save is selected.

Francine Millman shared this idea 19/01/19 19:04