Text for science & math - superscripts & subscripts
More text editing features - specifically superscripts and subscripts - would be very helpful

Frank T shared this idea 21/01/19 18:36
Yogesh Kumar 16/07/19 11:34
This a mandatory requirement for me as I am making math videos. I will appreciate support for it.
Barry Munkasy 23/09/19 03:16
Needed for teaching science and math classes
Jerom Boosten 18/03/20 08:09
Teaching chemistry without it is impossible. Needed for balancing equations.
Paul Bleby 23/03/20 16:36
An absolute must. Writing chemical formulae and equations by changinging font size etc is very time consuming.
Mary 22/04/20 19:32
It is also mandatory for me. I am here to make math videos.
Boris Artemieff 19/05/20 13:27
This would really expand the Dodly usability for all STEM classes.
Vijai K 22/06/20 14:49
what is the latest update on this?
JoDi Osborn-Ward 10/07/20 01:54
Yes, please! I got Doodly specifically to walk my online students through Punnett squares and I had to use an asterisk to indicate the color-blind allele and just had to use an image for 2 to the nth power.
Fleecy Moss 16/07/20 20:06
The minimum we need is superscripts for powers, but additionally a fraction tool as well. With decent maths support, Doodly could become a major player in producing online/video tutorials for maths and science. Just get on with it.
Fleecy Moss 16/07/20 20:06
Waly Rodriguez 23/09/20 12:36
I totally agree. In the midst of the crisis created by the covid-19 pandemic, education is a challenge. Teachers need effective methods of learning
LTS 26/10/21 20:55
Almost 3 yrs later? Guess that settles my Should I buy question