Change Fonts
I want to be able to change fonts without having to delete and recreate the text with the new font. Could that be one of the setting options - to change the font?

Gary Bunn shared this idea 22/01/19 05:00
Nick Green 10/04/19 12:46
Not being able to change fonts is a real drag on workflow
Daisy Baylon 23/04/19 23:52
Agree! The ability to change the font in the text box with the new one will definitely save time! rather than deleting old text and creating a new one
Bakhter Sani 09/07/19 14:22
It should be a standard option from day 1.
Karen Greaves 08/09/19 14:20
I agree, I find this very frustrating!
Bob Prouty 09/04/20 05:53
Yes, my boss just asked me to change all to Open Sans
Cat Korpela 20/05/20 23:47
I agree. It's incredibly time-consuming to have to change fonts one text box at a time. It definitely makes the use of the program a bit less attractive for the work I do - sometimes I need to see a few slides before deciding whether the "look" I have is right or not. Please make this an option!
Tony Watson 31/05/20 03:04
I change font by dragging the new font onto the exiting text, an clicking to replace. Don't have type text again but do need to do this for each text box. Bulk change would be great.
Ian Shere 15/08/20 12:21
Good grief. I just added this request (bad me, didn't check first!!). Cannot believe, 1) that it was never included from the get-go (this is, partially, a text based production too right?) and, 2) that it was requested 18 months ago and it hasn't yet been complete. C'mon Doodly, this is, currently, a HUGE time-waster the way it's set up.
Diana 16/09/20 06:14
Agreed that this should be a basic feature on Doodly... One way I've tried to work around it (in case any of you might find this helpful) is to drag the alternative font I want from the left side bar over the text box and hit "replace" - this keeps the original text but changes the font on that text box.
JERALD C. LIMPIN 26/12/20 15:47
Do we need to pay additional $67 just to change the font style? Also, add search font instead of sliding down, I have 200+ fonts installed. Thanks.
Laurie J 15/02/21 21:02
Canva does this with no problem. I just got Doodly and I was stunned I had to delete all my text and start alllll over just to change the font.