Editing fonts
To be able to change a font in an already added text box. The option to have editable speech bubbles and shapes as an integrated feature

Nicola Tester shared this idea 20/10/18 01:11
Richard Duane Gryder 07/12/18 02:24
Francine Millman 19/01/19 19:16
It would be nice if one could apply standard – Bold, Italics and Underline to fonts without having to upload fonts with those attributes. Colorizing fonts, individual words within a text box - all of the standard font options that are part of most standard software would be a nice addition.
Stéphane Ernst 23/01/19 18:17
Agreed, and change the font to another that was already uploaded.
Katherine Cole 01/02/19 18:15
Agreed. A WYSIWYG text box would be best. The ability to select font, size, color, bold, italic, etc. would be awesome!!
Olivia Goldstein 27/02/19 15:56
yes, we need to be able to set font size so that all font boxes are uniform!
Craig J. Brain 07/06/19 04:35
Please do this! I need to go through and change dozens of text boxes because of Corporate Branding every time I provide the video to a client. This just makes so much sense!
Sujit K Jacob 21/07/20 15:17
good idea
Teresa A. Gibbons 29/09/20 10:04
Susan Jackson 15/02/21 18:32
This is desperately needed.