Allow embedded video
Allow embedded video to the scenes in several formats including mp4, avi, flv, mov, etc.

German Lopez shared this idea 25/01/19 15:40
Steve Etner 18/10/19 13:54
This is a critical element to my use of Doodly as I do a LOT of online training. I LOVE using Doodly as my primary instrument for teaching - but I have numerous times in a training video where I need to add a .mov element. PLEASE HELP!
Melanie Wawryk 31/10/19 19:21
I would like to screen capture what I am doing on my phone in an app and then use Doodly to explain what is being shown in the video as a training mechanism
Cat Korpela 24/04/20 04:59
Teresa A. Gibbons 27/04/20 18:22
Yes, please!
Mohammad Ullah 12/05/20 23:12
please add this
Julie Mason 15/06/20 08:14
I would like to be able to add an explainer video where I am presenting
Ejaz ur Rehman 07/11/20 18:19
Please add this.
Matias Gamarra 23/03/21 22:41
It can be a prop of video type to use within a scene or create a new type of scene of type "video". Or both :)
[email protected] 11/07/21 11:05
It would be great if we could add a .mov to the television, cell phone, or computer screen props.
Massimo Interlandi 02/11/21 07:53
This future is present in every Doodly competitor; it's strange that a video app like this has not developed the video embedding solution. It's critical to maintain a good position among aggressive competition today, not to mention customer love. Add this future and Doodly will be number one!