Latex in doodly
We need LaTex scripts in doodly platform for math equation text

Đàm Thanh Phương shared this idea 25/01/19 22:59
Milan Toma 05/07/19 20:03
Seriously, if I can't create math equation text then doodly is pretty useless to me.
Amit 16/03/20 21:17
The must required option if doodly to reach next level.
Syed Tahir Ali 26/04/20 07:31
I must need this.
CURTIS PRO 20/05/20 01:48
This would make Doodly exceptionally strong for educators. Highly recommend implementing.
Vijai K 22/06/20 14:50
what is the latest update on this?
Ray Feodoroff 02/11/20 09:05
Yep, either latex or Unicode. I tried sneaking in unicode but ... So, if you clip equation symbols from WORD they get converted in Doodly text field to /op (≡ is converted to \equiv). You sneak a unicode into text field, the text field accepts the unicode but does not display the character on the scene (≡ for example results in naught, nadda nothing really just a space).
Debasish Das 08/12/20 12:58
This is very important. We are facing lots of problems while making math videos. Please integrate it.
Edson Valle 16/12/20 19:28
Math equations would increase the number of potential Doodly users as well as make Doodly a much better animation software.
Amir Amin 25/12/20 10:54
it is useless for me if I cant create math videos on this
Thorsten Butsch 02/05/21 10:03
Using equations is a pain. As a workaround I use latex2png.com and upload the image in Doodly...
Admin 30/06/21 15:07
A similar request already exists. Please give it an upvote here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/119/maths-equations