Bulk importing of image files
I find it tedious to import 1 image at a time. A bulk importer would be amazing if possible

Nicola Tester shared this idea 20/10/18 01:17
Ashley Bredenberg 14/11/18 22:01
This would be great fro fonts, also. The renaming of the images to their original filename goes with this one too!
Sara Koenig 04/12/18 23:18
Yes, please. Very helpful when uploading layers of color that belong to one set of an asset. Thank you!
Salman Khan 05/12/18 11:03
I think its a useful feature. But again Doodly is still evolving so will take some time to bring everything we need in it.
Lance Beste 20/12/18 03:42
Bulk of anything to save time is always useful. The ability to group and make global changes such as for text would be nice too.
Brian Kramer 28/01/19 20:32
Setting the default name to the original file name would be a good, time saving intermediate step.
Simon White 02/02/19 16:48
Would be a useful feature
Hasan 07/02/19 14:50
Really waste of time to do it one by one. It's a contradiction that such a tool doesnt have a basic feature like this. It disables us to not be able to build a library and is very disappointing.
Raul 21/02/19 08:13
Please do it, this is a must have option. I just bought over 10,000 characters and props, how long you think is going to take me to upload all that. Please, please, please!
Michael Cavallaro 26/02/19 11:17
This is so desparatey needed. I find it silly that the creator sells us new character packages with hundreds of characters and we have to load them 1 by 1!!!! Do you realize how much tim i waste. I have seen othe whiteboards that load multiple charatcers. Why can't doodly? please make this a priority
tim colleran 28/02/19 19:42
frankly, this is ridiculous and almost makes the tool unusable for me. I wont be able to recommend it to others until such a feather is implemented. This is just basic stuff.
Yau Wai Kong 18/03/19 12:48
Since we will are require more and more 3rd party characters and props, the import function need to be well handle.
Sovann My 18/03/19 14:23
Love this feature
Craig J. Brain 01/05/19 12:43
So useful - just bought 2500 images from a third party vendor and would love to use them easily. Without this feature, it is a real pain!
Reinaldo 02/05/19 05:37
Totally agree, you should be able to bulk import and also you should be able to organize them better on subfolders
Craig J. Brain 10/05/19 03:12
The lack of a bulk import feature makes the use of the third party vendor svg files more difficult. Please consider this and make it a priority - I expect that this would also benefit sales of third party vendors as well. This is a genuine user experience issue.
Kaz 22/05/19 19:16
so time consuming to upload each character one by one
Luis Rodriguez 15/07/19 16:40
Agree. Excellent idea and added suggestion from Ashley B. below of fonts, including object filenames will be tremendously helpful also.
Karen Greaves 08/09/19 14:16
This would be an awesome feature.
Thanva 17/09/19 20:35
Yes please help
Dejan Živko 24/10/19 18:47
Also fonts!
javier huanca 13/04/20 20:01
bes muy bueno esta opcion