Copy / Paste Scene, within and between projects, retaining all timings and settings.
Suggestion is for "Copy Scene" and "Paste Scene" commands on the timeline's right-click menu. Copy Scene would available when a scene is being shown. It would copy the current scene to the clipboard. Paste Scene would be available when there is a scene on the clipboard, and would paste the copied scene onto the timeline after the current scene (or at the beginning if it's a new project). The copied and pasted scene should be an exact replica of the original. All scene settings should be the same. All item settings (Delay, Duration, orientation, stacking order, and Asset Settings.) should be identical to the original. Use case: This feature will allow users to build a personal / brand 'library' of reusable content. For instance, branded titles and end credits. These could then easily be inserted into a family of videos (e.g. on a brand's YouTube playlist) to keep them consistent. It's vital for consistency that the copied scene identical to the original, without having to re-adjust timings.

David Curley shared this idea 28/01/19 09:10
Jim Forger 29/01/19 01:05
This is EXACTLY the functionality that I am looking for!!! Just like any other presentation software package (ie powerpoint, etc) or video application (iMovie, etc). It is critical to design a set of scenes and then to reuse, repurpose, and piece together these scenes into new projects. I signed up for the Enterprise package and was surprised that this functionality does not exist.
Christian Nuvoli 31/01/19 15:04
I’d like to be able to choose. E.g. duplicate and duplicate with time. 2 options instead of one.
Mark McNett 06/02/19 06:00
Yes, please.
Arnie Deltoff 25/02/19 18:00
What Powtoon did was allow you to copy a scene and place it in a saved scene area to use any time in the future as you created it.
Shelley List 11/04/19 15:16
Yes to having standard branding you can use elsewhere. But also, it's not useful to duplicate a scene when all the timing disappears! when I copy and paste a single element, the timing is preserved. It should be the same if I duplicate everything. (Though I suppose I can select each element and paste it all...but then what's the point of duplicating?)
Emily Barrell 07/05/19 14:06
Yes, please. This is really important where you end up doing major revisions and need to combine the best of two versions for instance.
Paul Stevens 14/09/19 20:32
I would love to be able to do this, for intro and closing of a video.
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 19:22
Great feature, currently you duplicate a scene and all of the timing is removed and set to zero. Not very usable.
Gerry Rubendall 25/10/19 23:13
This would be so helpful
Peter Burkhalter 26/10/19 10:22
Producing tutorials - a must have, in particular to reuse "intros" and "outros"
Jaco 27/11/19 10:15
I'm throwing my weight and 3 votes behind this idea/integration.
Donald L Hester 20/12/19 05:20
This would be immensely useful for creating videos. Please consider this.
Eric 06/02/20 15:48
Yes, I need it.
Bob Prouty 05/05/20 04:01
Yes, I have one scene I want in all my videos
Brent Penfold 21/01/21 04:25
Yes please.
Laura Evans 04/06/21 17:38
That would be fantastic!
James Vogt 18/11/21 22:09
Yes! The time Doodly saves me is now wasted on re-creating work that I've already done in another project.