Remove or reduce enforced "Extra time at the end" to allow smoother animation effects
Although Doodly is not primarily an animation app, we can easily achieve the effect of a character or prop moving around the scene, by repeatedly duplicating the scene and moving the item slightly. The smaller the movement, and the more duplicated scenes, the smoother the animation. The effect is currently thwarted by the 0.5s minimum extra time at the end of each scene (in Scene Settings). The result is a jerky "stepped" rather than smooth motion effect, as one scene ends, then delays, before the next scene starts. Could we please remove the enforced extra time, or reduce it to a much lower value like 0.1s so that the delay is less noticeable?

David Curley shared this idea 28/01/19 11:53
James Wilson 25/07/19 21:03
agree - thanks
James Wilson 25/07/19 21:03
Vishu Kamble 26/05/20 16:16
is there an update on this? This could be very useful while creating animations
Celito Macachor 12/07/20 02:05
Or add a "None" option in scene transition options
William A Jones 15/09/20 11:54
for the sake of smooth animation there should be a much smaller (or no) "extra time at end"