Alignment and sizing
For the OCD-inclined, it would be great if we could ... (a) align and/or horizontally or vertically centre an object EXACTLY via buttons, rather than having to eyeball and drag it; (b) size text EXACTLY the same from one text block to another, once again rather than having to eyeball and guess. Thanks!

Christopher Wright shared this idea 28/01/19 13:43
Admin 03/02/19 21:44
For alignment, there is a "show grid" option at the top left-hand side when you are working on a project.
Kurt G. 13/02/19 02:20
The grid is OK, but snapping alignments to nearby objects, as well as offering a few alignment options from a menu after multi-selecting a group of objects would be much more productive and precise. This is a common feature of professional diagramming and vector graphics tools, and I really miss it in Doodly.
Olivia Goldstein 27/02/19 15:45
I 100% agree with Kurt's comment. The feature should function similar to PowerPoint's alignment functions. Having just purchased an Enterprise membership, I was actually surprised to see this was not available.
Jörg Lang 12/05/20 13:43
I'm astonished that Doodly does not have - snapping feature on the grid - Ability to select 2,3,10 objects and align all of them to the right, left, center of the first selected item - Auto-snapping to nearby objects, to align Texts under each other or next to each other. Having to open the Dialog an write down the coordinates is just too cumbersome.
Anderson Messias Rodrigues 13/12/20 04:13
Being able to align objects, using a button, would save so much time. Moreover, we need to make the exact alignment of textual elements and figures, as well as distribute them symmetrically throughout the scene. Therefore, it's not the same as using the grid function. Align and distribute are important functions that are missing from the software. I kindly ask you to consider these points above.
Anele 20/04/21 12:00
Guys seriously, it's 2021 and the alignment tool is not ready! you should really start listening to the users! There isnt a single designer in the planet that doest use the alignment function, come on, chop chop, thats been waiting for 2 years alerady!