Doodly videos as portraid
I plan to use doodly videos in my apps (Maybe for tutorial or in game videos). So Sometimes I need this video in 1080x1920 resultuion. My current steps are: 1. Create doodly video in 1920x1080. I just use 1:3 of the screen. 2. I go to my video editor software (Camtasia Studio 2018) and create a pane 1080x1920 3. put my doodly video to that area and just use the 1:3 screen of my doodly video After exporting mp4 or gif file I have my wanted result... This were a great feature to export directly to 1080x1920 WITHOUT borders! Here you can see an example file, what I want to do: https://cloud.mosdev.org/f/f09fa26e83a14d039c55/

Toni Weber shared this idea 29/01/19 09:24
Admin 07/02/19 18:55
We've reviewed your request and upon further checking it appears to be a duplicate of an existing one located here - https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/33/be-able-to-resize-video-area-so-can-use-on-instagram-for-example We recommend giving the link above an upvote to boost the likelihood of it being considered for a future release.