Searching for Images & Characters
I have the enterprise version and there are tons of images, the problem I'm running into is being able to find them. I'd love to have more categories, especially for the "characters". Breaking down a whole category just by name, so I could quickly see what each character looks like, or being able to filter (e.g. female, age, office, etc...).

Olivia Jewell shared this idea 30/01/19 02:52
Reed Brown 06/09/19 17:40
The ability to search and sort assets, particularly assets imported into a project, is really important and a HUGE timesaver.
Phil Loring 24/06/20 11:44
Yes! I'm only a few minutes into using Doodly for the first time and this lack of functionality has me very frustrated with the product! I'm not sure I'll make it through my first video without it... may be looking for other options.
Victoria Shepherd 25/08/20 20:49
So right! I have literally just purchased an Enterprise membership and am already to cancel my membership. Not being able to search through the thousands of images they say they've got is driving me insane and all I'm doing right now is learning the system. I won't even be bothering to start a video at this rate. Not sure who thought it was a good idea to not have a search bar included........
[email protected] 18/10/20 10:40
Jeez, this is so obvious. At least publish a cheat sheet with one image of each character and the name. This is so OBVIOUS!!!
ruth farmer 30/11/20 16:57
Seriously, I cannot use enterprise without a reference sheet, or the very least an index of what's there. SEND Teaching and sourcing this on my income $149 was a big investment for me. :(
Matthew Stough 28/03/21 21:05
Definitely need this. Scenes, Characters, etc. need metadata attached so we can search for something and find it QUICKLY. With an enterprise lifetime license, I only see the libraries growing in size. Being able to find a useful asset close to what I'm thinking to build my Doodly fast is important. Time is money!