Drawing lines, circles, etc
I would like to see the ability to create our own lines, arrows, and circles that we could have move across the screen in any direction we choose. For instance after you complete a problem you can circle it freehand. Or if you want to refer to something you could direct the viewer by drawing an arrow from one element to the another. Right now I don't see any line elements that you can resize, shape, or circle other than simply resizing it. Thanks.

Patrick Figurski shared this idea 31/01/19 14:16
Darren Dumble 14/02/19 00:42
Juerg Wiesmann 17/05/19 15:44
Absolutely, this would allow to draw indidual animated drawings. So I can do Technical Layouts very easy...
Joseph Sucher 11/06/19 00:24
Agree, having at least the ability to place a generic line that can be sized, rotated, stretched, etc. to fit... like in Word or PowerPoint
Eric 15/07/19 08:12
Yes, this feature should be a basic funtion in Doodly. Lines, circles, boxes, triangles ....
Admin 27/08/19 08:50
This feature has already been requested. Kindly submit your vote and thoughts here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/88/draw-feature
Mark Henderson 05/04/20 20:32
Here, here. Very basic ability to divide the canvas and add simple shapes is fundamental.
Ahmed HUssein 11/09/20 23:06
This will an amazing feature to draw circles and lines and line graphs rather than the same movement for all the photos