Option to add normal/ non-inverted pictures (assets) to chalkboard
Pictures colors are automatically inverted when adding to chalkboard scenes. While that looks great for most assets, it would be even greater to have the option to include pictures as they are. This would make them recognizable and crisp - just as they are for every other background.

Dennis Kamprad shared this idea 31/01/19 19:38
Jennifer Johansson 05/10/20 22:15
Anders Risager 12/01/21 15:56
I need a mix a chalk video and screendumps, and all screendumps (assets) will get the Chalk effect wich makes the screendump look like something you aren't able to use. Please fix this one ;)
Elizabeth Tasker 16/12/22 06:48
This would be great for when I want to add a photo to a presentation and not have that "chalkified'!