Stretch an object
Sometimes I want to make things wider or longer and not keep perspective.

Lonnie Fritz shared this idea 20/10/18 15:10
Richard Duane Gryder 07/12/18 02:24
[email protected] 10/12/18 18:58
Bob Whittemore 14/02/19 12:35
Yes that would be nice
Karen Loftus 23/02/19 00:42
I agree with this one too.
Terry Bell 07/03/19 20:46
This would make life so much easier, please please do this!
David Read 08/07/19 19:03
Would really appreciate having this option.
Peter Dakin 25/02/21 04:56
This *is* a graphics package, right? @doodly how can you not support one of the simplest capabilities of any graphics package? It's four nodes. Below the MVP baseline surely. Explain why there are handles for squeezing the object in X OR Y that actually scale the object in X AND Y. Had I not paid for this software I'd be less inclined to be so acidic but c'mon this is ridiculous. Try to live up to your own hype!
David M LaBuda 15/04/20 23:21
Good Idea!
Matthew Channell 21/04/20 09:45
Only been using for a day and I think this is really important.
Wayne Leiser 23/04/20 17:47
Yes, I have already found myself wanting this multiple times.
philip Paulden 26/04/20 06:27
This is so important and also for the pan and zoom. You are very stricter when you can’t alter the aspect ratio.
Bustamam Harun 30/04/20 12:20
Boo. I cannot even resize the rectangle without the other sides moving together as well. So how can we get a rectangle with the size that you want? Create a custom image? That would be too much work for a simple task.
Jörg Lang 21/05/20 16:55
This is so basic, I can't believe it's not done. Same with a simple line… If I make the line wider, the line get's thicker.
Mark Harrington 25/07/20 20:53
Steve 20/11/20 20:47
Agree - I have often wished for this.
peter finn 21/01/21 17:21
very first thing I needed to do was resize a rectangle. YOU CAN"T. Stretching along the horizontal or vertical access is essential in any graphics application. No idea how to even work around this issue.
Shelley R Stephen 18/03/21 21:57
Definitely needed!
Ian Howlett 21/04/21 12:52
I want to stretch speech bubbles - currently they are all quite square, but I want a more rectangular one.
Haitham Shakroun 18/06/21 02:48
Yes, when I resize, the whole image is resized, I can't customer one dimension, it's weird.