Search Feature and Imports
1) The search feature really needs an overhaul. I checked what was in Doodly already against what the packs offered. I searched "love" and Doodly returned every prop with the word "love" in it. So I wound up with a bunch of gloves. Even when searching with quotations, which in other programs narrows the search to exact matches, I still got a page full of gloves. If there is no way to refine searches for props/characters then this is a priority to address. 2) When importing from the whiteboardvideopacks.com packs there wasn't a way to do a mass import. Not a huge deal as you can look through the folders and pick which one you want before importing. However, for each import you have to name the object. This is unnecessary extra work. The packs already have logical names associated with the props and pictures. The importation function should default select those and if you want to use some other naming convention, so be it.

John Tolwer shared this idea 01/02/19 14:48