Merge Videos
The ability to merge videos into one video giving the ability to create sections at a time, then merging them together for the final production.

Lonnie Fritz shared this idea 20/10/18 15:14
Jeff Smith 11/12/18 19:12
Absolutely. I agree with this because I have some projects where there will be common scenes to each individual animation. My workaround is to create a "common scenes" animation which I can duplicate and then delete the scenes which are not required and use that as the base for the new animation. Much better to be able to merge videos together.
Craig J. Brain 14/12/18 06:26
That would be so useful - combined with a Save As feature!
Ana Gerschenfeld 04/01/19 15:16
It would be really great to have this feature.
John J Deltuvia Jr 05/01/19 17:37
Although I like this idea, it seems to me to start to introduce "Simplicity Creep" (like "Scope Creep".) It'd be nice if you had something that's all things to all users. However, it's already on the market and the learning curve is insane - it's called "Creative Cloud."
Sovann My 20/01/19 02:00
eric lennep 02/04/19 23:56
Great Idea. A work around for now would be to use a video edit program (i use Magix Movie Edit Pro) and import your doodly videos to combine them and save as a finished video. I am already using doodly to create segements in larger videos I create.
Barry Munkasy 23/09/19 03:21
Need the ability to take videos and add them in as scenes to build more complete video
Λάμπρος Στραβελάκης 20/04/20 20:44
of maybe allow for reusable intros and outroes made in the platform
Dennis Whittaker 24/08/20 16:12
This would make this so much easier to work on longer projects! I am all in!
Marco Napoli 17/06/22 20:25
This is a great feature and extremely useful.