Pause drawing mid drawing
For example, I want to start drawing a scene, or a person. In the middle of the drawing, I want to jump over and write some text. Then come back to finish drawing the person. Or I start drawing a few people next to each other "talking" and I want each head and upper body drawn first, then paused to jump to the next persons head and body, and then after the head and upper bodies of the three people are drawn, it can unpause and jump back to finish drawing the legs.

Michael Moikeha shared this idea 03/02/19 03:48
Eric Anderson 19/09/19 03:10
My very first project / video attempt is today, and I wish this was already a feature.
Eric Anderson 19/09/19 03:13
I just figured out that we can add a pause at the end of each slide maybe? That so, that is helpful, but being able to pause anywhere would be awesome!