SnapShot feature to save scene as image
I think we need a "SnapShot" feature so we can save an image of any frame of the video and then use it later as a background (so we can get a mix of chalk & marker in the same scene, etc.) or used as a prop (like a picture on a wall). I needed this on my very first Doodly project where I wanted a colorful marker drawing to be drawn over a chalkboard scene. I had to export my Doodly video and open it in another editor (it was the quickest way to get my snapshot) and then I could import that image & use it as a custom background. It would be so much quicker if Doodly had a SnapShot button and a selection window came up to ask if we wanted it saved to our scenes library or on our computer. 2 clicks & done.

Chris Peterson shared this idea 03/02/19 21:47
Pere Collado 15/07/21 11:22
Yes, I agree. Shapshot is an imprescindible feature