auto completion of custom imported assets with complex reveal paths
I have just recently finished quite a complex drawing with custom reveal paths. The image was a photograph of a person which I converted into a black and white sketch in photoshop. Once imported I ended up creating over 200 paths to gradually make the image appear. A lot of the paths were to complete the colouring in of the image. The feature I was really looking for to save me a lot of time and was missed was the ability to have the image "auto complete". I would have liked to have been able to draw out paths for the outlines of the image then have an animation do a colouring in type effect to complete the image in one pass say from top left down to bottom right. This would have saved me a lot of time having to create paths to fill in every section of the image. If I didn't create these paths the drawing animation would draw the outlines / main lines of image then the completed image would just appear which felt a bit clunky.

Craig Stewart shared this idea 08/02/19 17:40
Craig Stewart 08/02/19 17:46
Another option for this feature I just thought of is if you could select an area then choose auto fill and the hand would appear giving the effect of it colouring in the areas. Would certainly save a lot of time making large areas of solid colour appear.