Add a watermark with either text or logo to the video
Upload a graphic or enter a text to be shown permanently on the video.

Leonido Gebhard shared this idea 09/02/19 10:55
Gerhard Birth 09/02/19 12:11
This would be a great feature!
Jagdish 14/07/19 07:57
Very good suggestion. A must for security of video
VL Ramnghaka 01/08/19 06:45
This is great. It is a must.
Karen Greaves 08/09/19 14:22
Great suggestion!
Dewey Beene 11/08/20 22:45
This is needed as draft videos are created for the client, and then removed once the video is finished and the client has paid for the services. Please add this simple additon.
GB BLACK 25/08/20 10:47
Like this . An essential option for either copyright or drafting purposes.