Music Sort Options
It would be super helpful if there were ways to sort through the (abundant) background music options. You might consider by mood ("sad" "uplifting" "cheerful" "dark" "dramatic") and/or by instrument ("piano" "guitar" "orchestra"). Some of the titles have words like "dark" or "playful" but that doesn't cover all the options. Thank you for considering this feature.

John Tolwer shared this idea 21/10/18 01:44
Wayne McHugh 21/10/18 20:49
Sort by duration.
Stephen Orth 12/01/19 17:47
I agree with having a duration filter
Arnie Deltoff 20/02/19 03:48
yes, there should be by genre - uplifting, motivational, happy, dramatic are all very good. It is very difficult to search and listen to them all when you want to find a specific mood.
John Shoemaker 14/06/19 23:01
If we had tagging for music, that would also be a good way to help filter the music we want. That would have the mood, genre, and type of music.
Diana VS 14/12/19 22:50
This would help a lot, specially for beginners like me, I had to click and listen a lot of the musics until I found one that could fit my message on the video.
Bill Lee 25/08/20 01:55
I totally agree with this. Make it easy for business presentations like finding background music for uncertainty, new opportunity, hope, etc.
Kylle E Dietz 24/05/21 18:19
This would be great! I have also thought if not this than a way to folder my music within Doodly. For example, I have my own music that I use routinely and it would be nice if I could folder my music by project types or mood.
Calvary Zender 08/07/21 21:49
I agree with duration and genre filters as well as type. Music and SFX are in the same tab and it only loads a few at a time. It'd also be great if we could favorite some songs or create favorite groups. I currently just go through them and write down ones I like.
Mike McClellan 09/07/22 18:09
This would make selecting the audio track much quicker, especially if we can sort the music titles by their length so that we can more appropriately match the length of the video.