Graphing Calculator / Charts
I would love a graphing calculator / charting system where I can simply enter a formula and doodly draws the charts in doodly style. Yes, I can import a chart and trace over it but this would save tons of time and should be easy to implement. Want a gaussian curve? Just select gaussian curve. or pie chart - enter the numbers and labels. or enter the formula and bounds y(x) = e^x 0 to 1 Then, if we could have doodly fill-in sections under the curves, we can highlight what we are talking about. Best of all would be if one curve could morph into another. I have presentations I need to make that are heavily math-centric and staring at. static graphs is not always ideal.

Robert Schmid shared this idea 11/02/19 17:15
Robert Schmid 11/02/19 17:19