Portrait videos
90% of the people view on mobile and viewing on portrait mode would be the preferred choice

Nagaraj BS shared this idea 12/02/19 08:06
John Shoemaker 14/06/19 22:54
With so many videos shared on platforms such as Instagram, it would make things much easier if we could simply choose the orientation required.
Jonathan Smith 01/10/19 16:59
Agreed! I’d like to have the ability to conform the aspect ratio BEFORE starting a project rather than after. Standard landscape measurements do not do very well in Instagram and does not work at all for IGTV.
Peter Heinzer 29/10/19 17:47
Yes, I need this and it is a grat chance for Doodly
Goran Pinjusic 28/11/19 11:55
yes i need that too... on social networks portait is usual!