Provide a way to underline and highlight words in text
It would be great if I could emphasize a word in a sentence by having the pen go back and either underline it or highlight it (as with a highlighter).

Kurt G. shared this idea 13/02/19 02:16
Karen Greaves 08/09/19 14:08
Me too, but would also like the ability to highlight part of an image or sections of it,.
Karen Greaves 08/09/19 14:08
Guy Bacos 25/11/19 19:25
Totally agree, useful to emphasize certain words.
Jon DeCamp 17/07/20 02:52
Underline, bold, italics, strike-through are preferred - like in virtually all text editors we see. Also the capability to change ANY or ALL of the individual words to a different, or many different, colors. Also the ability to highlight as many words as needed. Also to change the font size of an individual word or words anywhere in a sentence.