Simple Animation Features
If characters/text could follow a path to move across the screen after they are drawn, that would be great. This would include resizing to create a zoom in/out effect. Being able to have a character go from "hands on hips" to a "shrug" with a fade (giving an illusion of animation) would be similarly helpful.

John Tolwer shared this idea 21/10/18 01:54
Danie Wium 06/11/18 05:41
That would be a great feature!! Even just moving characters on a path would be great
Keith Johnson 02/12/18 23:28
Allowing the importing of GIF's could accomplish this too.
Daniel Blomerus 20/12/18 22:15
Great Idea
Wayne Schulz 23/12/18 15:01
Also adding rotate, stretch/squash and skew to the above suggested abilities would be great as suggested in: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/244/simple-animation (Sorry for the duplicate topic, posted before I discovered this post)
Sovann My 04/01/19 08:35
Totally agree
Stefano Belladelli 11/01/19 22:20
Great idea
Marcus Farmer 19/01/19 15:27
It would make the storytelling awesome!
Andreas Sauerwein 20/01/19 11:25
Had the same idea and that would give additional usability for Doodly, to be used for animations inside presentations etc. It would even call more attention to the scene if that takes longer, because we're used to see this every day...
Robert Schmid 11/02/19 17:16
Danie Wium captured my thought perfectly.
Perry Gretton 18/02/19 01:19
This is essential for Doodly to satisfy my needs.
Karen Loftus 23/02/19 00:34
I totally agree on this one.
Zahid Moghal 26/03/19 21:02
That is exactly I meant, when I suggested Morphing/Animation feature request under integrations. I did not know there is a request exist already...... Yes very important feature to have. Please add asap.
Pablo Plaza 28/03/19 22:57
yes, this would be awesome
Bernadette 25/07/19 17:35
Great idea!
Diana VS 14/12/19 22:33
This would make a huge impact on the videos, for sure!!
Edward Buntario 15/12/19 16:29
Animaker makes great moving characters, a big plus for presentation.
Francois Houte 07/01/20 18:57
jackie hall 25/01/20 14:42
jackie hall 20/02/20 01:38
I'd love that feature
Armand Vanderstukken 20/02/21 09:33
great idee
David Gray 24/03/20 02:27
The illusion of movement would be great.
Zachary Simmons 18/04/20 02:51
A fade-in enter animation would be really nice.
Tony Watson 31/05/20 02:59
Having text on a curve would be great.
Sergio Iriarte 28/06/20 12:30
Yes, morphing would be a cool simple animation feature to be added. Like they do in videoscribe.
Craig Thompson 04/07/20 23:53
Totally agree.
Dewey Beene 11/08/20 05:28
YES PLEASE! More options for how an asset, text or image leaves the scene would be GREAT!!!
Akindeji Hill 06/09/20 20:57
I also agree that importing GIF animations would be wonderful.
William A Jones 15/09/20 11:57
This certainly has my vote!
daniel oghor 16/09/20 08:38
A fernandes 20/09/20 10:56
please DOOOOOOOOOOOO IT REALY GREAT IDEA . you see it create a lot of enfasy in the mensage
Stann 12/10/20 22:58
great idea. Had some work done on fiverr. Paid 30 bucks for it and it had a clock with rotating hands animation on it and the character folded his arms. Simple but effective
Jonathan Zall 22/10/20 17:42
This would be a great feature for educational videos, such as for showing concepts like area.
Blane Judd 02/11/20 17:01
I have needed to do this but had to keep changing scene to get it to happen.
Delores Finlayson 05/12/20 14:22
This would be an excellent feature.
Paul Lee 08/12/20 17:33
It improves the entire drawing lively and more interactive.
Mathilda Hauptfleisch 11/12/20 10:22
Love this idea!
Ashok Tamhankar 25/03/21 10:26
Would be very helpful to grab more attention of viewers
Joe Raphael 07/02/21 10:51
David 11/02/21 03:14
Also for the animation to rotate where it can be given a duration and speed of rotation.
Mannu 05/03/21 20:38
Posted a similar one: At the moment I can only see fade animation on entry and exit. It would makes sent to have support for scale in, scale out, bounce in / out and translate from one point to another as basic animations.
Matthew Stough 28/03/21 21:06
Toonly, yes it's cool, but we have Doodly for a reason. This is a great request.
manoj kumar 24/05/21 03:47
it would be a great help to explain a story line or process
Zahid Moghal 03/06/21 14:38
Its very important to have this feature
Zahid Moghal 03/06/21 14:43
Please add this feature.
Donly Wu 17/06/21 06:38
great idea, also add fade in/out would be great.
Leonardo Oliveira Rizzi 25/10/21 20:03