Saving own scenes
It would save time if we'd be able to save selfmade scenes

Сергей Остапенко shared this idea 21/10/18 08:38
Svend Gundestrup 27/11/18 07:45
A very important feature, to create some "standart" scenes, like an intro and extro scene, to create uniform Doodly
John J Deltuvia Jr 02/12/18 14:04
I don't know if this existed when this was posted, but if you right-click on the timeline bar at the bottom of the application, you can click duplicate scene. You can also right-click at start up and then left-click "Duplicate Video" (at least in the Enterprise version.) So save your self-made scene, give it a name like "Scene template" so you'll remember, and when you want to use it again in another video, duplicate that scene in the video.
Fernando Mondragón 18/12/18 19:48
Yes, like a template that can you start right with that scene complete
Chris Peterson 03/02/19 21:22
Yes. And have that include custom backgrounds. Like If I use an image as my background, the "Duplicate" of "Save Scene" will take & use the background as well as all the other elements (characters, props, etc.) AND all the settings for that particular scene. If I create a scene and I want a light to flash several times, then I create the scene with all elements, including the light, and whatever settings I'm using for that scene. So then I should just be able to duplicate that scene, make it as short as possible, and get rid of the light prop. That would give me an on and an off of the light. And I'd just keep duplicating those scenes taking turns with the one that has the light in it and the one that doesn't. Then you get however many seconds you want of a scene with a flashing light (or any other thing you may need to be happening). But as it is now, when I duplicate a scene I have to go through and correct ALL the settings, like it's just a new scene, each and every time and it takes forever.
Rebecca Reid 05/02/19 23:37
This would be so helpful!
Zahid Moghal 26/03/19 21:07
Very Important feature. Should be able to save scene for use in future videos.
Nick Green 09/04/19 13:02
The ability to add backgrounds to scenes rather than as props
Jeff Brohamer 10/04/19 19:16
If this was possible, then we could tailor the scene to a marketing campaign for our businesses.
Luis Rodriguez 15/07/19 16:42
Good suggestion, but John D. Is correct. Template-like option is available with 'Duplicate'
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 19:18
Great feature and needed.
Francesco Ugolini 13/10/19 19:36
To be able saving scenes in my own Library would change my life.
Gerry Rubendall 25/10/19 22:19
this would be a major time saver
Jerry Smith 11/01/20 15:17
John J Deltuvia comment about using the duplicate video only a cumbersome (though helpful) band-aid to not being able to save scenes as a whole. If your video has 10 scenes, but you want to grab just ONE as a "template", you must dupe the video, then delete the other 9 scenes. Works, but it's a band-aid.
Pascal Nkenglack 12/04/20 00:30
I am new to doodly and I felt the need for such a feature right away... In my case, I am promoting a service and would like to be able to keep the same final scene with my contact info. Right now, I "select all" in a previous video and paste on the last scene of the new video. But it would be so simple if I could just save that scene.
Dewey Beene 11/08/20 05:30
It would be wonderful to be able to create your own custom scenes and save them in the library rather than as a file or project.
A fernandes 20/09/20 11:03
another must for produtivity i am going arround this simply make a bunch of litle projects but i loose a lot of time opening and closing selecting and copyng etc.... please do this idea will save a bunch of my time and every ones
Denis 13/12/20 00:48
Agree. something that is important for our productivity.
Jessie Andersen 14/01/21 14:25
Yes! I actually just submitted this as a new idea before I found this suggestion. I'd like it to be able to be saved to the premade scenes tab as well, so we could search our own premade scenes.
Dustin Baker 15/02/21 20:26
I would like this as well.
Allan Wellhausen 16/02/21 08:18
Use a workaround. Create your scenes and save them as a video. you can always copy and then apply it to your new work.
Diego San Román 10/03/21 18:24
This would be amazing. Regards