Characters' drawings/same stroke
The stroke thickness of some characters is different from others (ex: Kevin typing on the computer vs Emily on the PC). When I assemble more than two characters in one scene, the difference is obvious. I'd like to see this issue fixed. Thank you for your terrific work!

Valeria Wenderoth shared this idea 18/02/19 14:25
Bernadette 26/07/19 18:13
I agree, I find I am having a hard time constructing a "family" because the woman is obviously a different characture (due to line thickness) than the man. For example: Helen and Pablo, then to try and match children and a baby to them, it's difficult.
Bernadette 26/07/19 18:33
It would be nice that when a character is on the board, that it would be possible to widen or narrow them. Right now, they remain proportionate and only shrink or enlarge.
[email protected] 13/04/20 16:22
I totally agree...all of your illustrations should work together. As it is now, most of your more modern characters have very narrow stroke lines, which makes them almost unusable.
[email protected] 13/04/20 16:22