Goose feather pen, paint brush and pencil
Wouldn't it be ice to have more options than just a pen, such as goose feather, paint brush and a pencil?

Ben Brok shared this idea 19/02/19 08:12
Sovann My 19/02/19 09:57
Really love this feature
Heidi Brown 19/02/19 12:50
Awesome idea! Love it!
Lisa Wernli 19/02/19 14:18
Great idea!!
Karen Loftus 25/02/19 02:05
Absolutely on the pencil & paint brush. I'm not sure IO'd personally have use for a goose feather though.
Ben Brok 04/03/19 08:23
Just becausse you don't need the goose feather personaly, doesn't mean it's a bad idea lol. I can think of lots of uses for it
Ivan Radanovic 17/03/19 00:27
yes please,more drawing tools
Noor Azman Omar 26/04/19 15:33
Absolutely agree if this features being added into doodly app. thanks for this votes.
Ed Lyons 04/09/19 16:52
Sure, but also with just a hand without the arm or no hand at all
David Greenwood 13/03/20 06:01
This feature request is about using/importing custom "hands" that is is requested already at https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/81/user-hands-or-drawn-hands-why-not. Can we merge the two and combine the votes and upgrade the priority?
Patric James Callahan 16/09/20 10:53
I posted the same idea. Hope someone is listening.
Ramsey James 25/10/20 01:23
This and the custom hands feature are the main ones Doodly need to focus on. Doodly...do both of these please and you'll be the only whiteboard software you need period
Steve 20/11/20 10:31
I like this idea. Also it might be nice to just be able to have the pens/ paintbrush/ pencil without the hand. Sometimes hard to read text as you go with the hand in the way.
Norm Baker 28/01/21 20:24
Please add at least pen and pencil. Great idea
Daniel Dooley 11/02/21 20:29
Definitely need the option for just the pen/pencil. Facebook sized videos especially have the arm way too large so just the pen alone would be great!
Pobegiz 28/07/21 20:59
great idea !!!!!!
Pobegiz 28/07/21 21:00
I want it !!!
Kukilao 28/07/21 21:04
Dear developers, please implement this idea!!! I want paintbrush!!!
barbarovskiy 28/07/21 21:08
It is super idea . I very want paintbrush , please implement this idea
Bakhovuddin 28/07/21 21:12
Please make a paintbrush, I really need a paintbrush to paint!
Bakhovuddin 28/07/21 21:15
Dear developers you have a cool program, I always recommend you to my friends. Please make a brush for painting, I beg you
Risovat 28/07/21 21:32
Dear developers, I wish you happiness and health, thank you very much for your product. Please make a paintbrush.
Drawing its me 28/07/21 21:39
Dear developers, I love and respect you very much, I wish you good health. Please make a paintbrush
Viktoria 29/07/21 07:14
I really need a brush !!! Dear developers, please make it.
Viktoria Alexe 29/07/21 07:22
please make a brush.
Lina 29/07/21 07:28
It would be very cool if the developers heard this request.
Alex 29/07/21 07:33
great idea!
Ksenia 29/07/21 10:29
This function is really missing, I really want to have it.
Sudsue Juse 29/07/21 10:33
please do it
Sofia 29/07/21 10:39
good idea missing this feature
Oksana 29/07/21 10:43
Great idea